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Tractatus at a Benedictine Monastery Near Huttledorf: A Propositional Sonnet with Phenomenal Lemma

brother rabbit duck

         But primordial life, wild life striving to erupt into the open – that is lacking.

The world is everything that is the case.
    So garden shears will comprehend the axe.
    I bend at first, then kneel to ask this rose
What case exists as mere atomic facts.
    I feel the soil. The sun is kind to beat
    Upon my backside – meaning what it meant:
The logical picture of facts is thought,
And thought’s proposition, significant.
    Do roots thus know the bloom? Does eye thus see
    Itself? Does work thus play like rose with worm ?
All basic functions of veracity
Can pattern truth to serve the general form:
        Whereof one cannot speak, thereof one must
        Be silent: worm to rose and light from dust.


  1. Broderick Barker says:

    Oh hawt dayum.

  2. And up next at TAC’s Friday Poetry Evening…..

  3. Rabbit season!

  4. What he said says:

    You keep outta this. He doesn’t hafta shoot you now.

  5. Whpttingsppteen says:

    Ha! That’s it! Hold it right there!…Pronoun trouble.

  6. Whpttingsppteen says:

    It’s not: “He doesn’t have to shoot *you* now.” It’s: “He doesn’t have to shoot *me* now.” Well, I say he does have to shoot me now!

  7. Ludwig/JOB says:

    So quote me now!

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