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Archives for January 2010

Moon, seen through my office window.


Because screamin’ semen, that’s why.


Why, he asks. This guy.

Mrs Linda Kay Paff on the Hello Kitty Chess Set

Well it seems that everyone here is reviewing the HELLO KITTY DOMINOES and not the HELLO KITTY CHESS GAME. It looks like the reviews got put on the wrong page. Well anyway! I am here to talk about THE HELLO KITTY CHESS GAME. My husband just ordered it for me today. I absoluetly LUUUUUUUUUUUV!!!!!!! ANYTHING HELLO KITTY & this set looks so cute! I remember looking at this set a while back and wanting it but back then they were asking like $34.99 for it. (something like that) and I thought that was a bit much. When I saw yesterday how much the price had dropped I knew I had to get it. I think it’s neat that they use HELLO KITTY characters for the chess pieces. TOO CUTE!!!! One side is red & the other side is pink. That is much better than the standard black & white I think. Well when I get the set I can write more about it but you can pretty much see what you will be getting from the pictures. I HIGHLY RECCOMEND THIS SET TO ANY HELLO KITTY FAN ESPECIALLY NOW WHILE THE PRICE IS SO LOW. How else could you collect so many little HELLO KITTY figures so cheaply????? It’s just a terrific deal!!!!! 15+ stars. HELLO KITTY, I LOVE YOU!!!!!!! AND THANK YOU SANRIO FOR MAKING HER! LIFE IS GOOD!!!!

Then Again a Little Direct Satire can be Useful

What we can fear from the hair of the dog. From the You Tube archives.

My bigamist boyfriend tricked me into marrying him in Africa

When Julie Stead arrived to visit her boyfriend’s family in Gambia, she was pleased to be given an elegant cream and white outfit.

She wore it on her birthday a few days later, believing she was going to a party. But she soon discovered that the big event was her own marriage – and there was nothing romantic about it.

Her boyfriend threatened to leave her stranded in Africa if she refused to go through with it. Only after reluctantly agreeing did 28-year-old Miss Stead discover that her ‘husband’ was already married to a Gambian woman and had two children. Yesterday, as he was jailed, she told how she had been targeted by a serial conman as a means to live legitimately in the UK.

Miss Stead, a carer from Bridlington, East Yorkshire, met Ahmed Jobe, 31, at a nightclub in the seaside town in 2006.

The Party Tree is lit!

First Son hosted a gathering.


“Come on, ladies! Over the wall!”

Ten minutes later, they were, indeed, over the wall. The chickens are restless.

My Speech to the Masses

How to Report the News

From the YouTube archives via BoingBoing.

It was comforting to know the neighbors had stopped speaking.

The Wisconsin Poet sends along a link to a bit of genius hilarity: Unhappy Hipsters.