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Archives for July 2010

Art Dept.

Dan Mitsui has quit his day job to focus on making art full-time. Below is his St. Michael ($96).

Today in Porn, Cultural Icon Edition

Salon‘s Andrew O’Hehir tries to sort out his thoughts and feelings about Hugh Hefner, and the new film about him:

“Hefner’s legacy is more complicated: He helped create a world in which white people by the millions were willing to vote for Barack Hussein Obama, and one in which all teenagers have not merely heard of anal intercourse but have seen it performed. By midgets. In Croatia. He dreamed of a nation set free from generations of Puritanical repression. But American freedom so often degenerates into slimy Burger King self-parody, covered with dubious condiments. Now Hugh Hefner is an 80-something dude in pajamas who until recently cohabited with identical twins named Karissa and Kristina.”

The New Creation Too Much for Queen of the (Un)Dead?

This is sad – if it’s true.

We await further word – say, a novel in which a character attempts to start a church without Christ.

Oh, wait – that’s already been done.

Would that the author could recieve a fresh transfusion of sagacious plasma herself…!

Ye Gods

Seriously? A movie in which a Norse God is cast out of heaven for bringing war? Hello, Valhalla? For these people, heaven is war. Eesh.

Today in Whatever, You Can Never Teach Them Too Young Edition

Shirt spotted at the carousel in Balboa Park.

And oh, look, it’s actually caused a bit of controversy.

[Language alert!]

So this happened.

Cheers to everyone who attended!

They’ll know we are Cathlicks by our crazies

Mel Gibson as Metaphor for What Ails America.

She does correctly (?) identify him as a sedevacantist. But also…

But even if he’s only a pseudo-Catholic, his fringe-y traditionalist views are very often lumped in with all that’s wrong with Catholicism. In a country that’s very publicly trying to figure out how to cope with an institution whose hierarchy seems so divorced from the modern world (most recently, equating the ordination of female priests as a crime on par with pedophilia), I dare say that Mel isn’t helping to give this religion a good name.

I wonder if it would make a difference if the Vatican had a savvy PR department. It frustrates me that some of these things (female ordination and its consequences) can only be explained to a doubting public if someone has a fairly good understanding of canon law.

PR Campaign, Part IV

Hipster Christians apparently fall into four categories:
Artistic Searchers
Frugal Collegians
Monied Yuppies
Bookish Intellectuals

Please consult this reference for further information. Hovering the mouse over the bookshelf gets you “Every Christian hipster owns or has read a book by the following authors: Wendell Berry, WALKER PERCY…”

I ask you two questions.

1. Are we going to stand for that? and

2. What’s on the shelf of a Hipster Catholic?

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