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Archives for June 2012

Because you absolutely needed to be introduced to the word “glossator.”

And because reading this makes me wish both Bitkin and Elie had been there in New Orleans last October when everybody was discussing this precise point.

Something about Elie’s interpretation of the book strikes me as off, particularly when he claims that those who read it as “a conversion story” do so on “slender evidence.”

To me, the most compelling sign that Binx has begun to respond to divine grace is that he marries Kate. I believe the dénouement of The Moviegoer, ambiguous though it may be, gives us hope that Binx, who hitherto had, as Hans Urs von Balthasar writes, “enter[ed] into relationships answerable only to his own psychology’s principle of ‘this far and no further,'” has a chance, in his marriage, to “grow, beyond himself, into real love, by modeling his life on the form enjoined.”

Von Balthasar makes a splendid glossator for Percy, in fact.

The fun part is, now that Binx has a Facebook page, I suppose we could just go ahead and ask him.


Surfing with Mel may have just found its sequel.


Public Service Announcement

Wednesday evenings this summer, the London West Hollywood Hotel is opening its rooftop pool deck/bar to the public for happy hour.  Because the management knows that you have better things to do with your time on a Wednesday afternoon than drink and take in the view from ten stories above Los Angeles, they are attempting to sweeten the pot by offering free beer, wine, and vodka-based cocktails from 6 p.m.-7 p.m.  Thank you for your attention.

Rat Town Burns

No one got hurt in the fire, but it was reported that
one million rats were consumed in the flames.

They say a million rats laid down
Their lives the day Seattle blazed
To ash. The town within the town
Asleep: nocturnal rats unfazed
By daytime noises gone awry —
Such dreams of fish and apple pie
In ovens, crusts and marmalades
In garbage cans for midnight raids
Danced through, from cell to cell, their small
Uncluttered rodent brains as flame
Consumed with wagging tongue the lame
And fat ones first but nearly all
In crackling bites. The lithe ones woke
But only soon enough to choke.

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CH3CH2OH + ♀ >C3H5(NO3)3.

Best piece of advice my father ever gave me…

So succinct, so all-encompassing, so…so…ambiguous.


Time machine.

Last night I traveled back in time in order to predict my future.  Sometime in the late ’90s, Garrison Keillor’s A Prairie Home Companion advertised for a comedy writer.  Guess who applied?  We had to write three skits.  This commercial for Ed’s House of Big Pants was one of mine.  In theory, I can do a better GK impression than I do here, but I think it gives the general idea.

Untitled 5

(The awful whining in the background is the hard drive of the ancient computer that holds the text.)

It’s only a change of time, love.

Taken in the men’s locker room at the La Mesa Community Center Pool.  The plaque below the clock reads, “In memory of fellow swimmers Alva, Doriene, and Mary – Women who used their time well.”

Classic New Yorker

And remember…