Another reason we know Noel made the right decision

Not that we really needed one, mind you. But I wonder if it occurred to Liam how dreadfully undereducated he seems right now.

I haven’t heard the Radiohead song, mind you, but in a sense that’s immaterial. Any two-bit from Fleet Street knows you don’t go off cherrypicking what is and isn’t fair game for the muse.  I’ts one thing not to see the forest for the trees, but for Mr. Gallagher, it appears he can’t even locate the bloody forest!

The Spear wrote about ’em.

As did Eddy the London Lad.

Not to mention John Boy.

Bobby and Wally the Yankee Gents too.

As for his own true and tried blood – ah, well, it’s himself Billy B! writes about such things, don’t he?

And even Famous Seamus flung off a few lines about a bush.

Not that I’m taking it personally

“Night’s temple curtain falls, expanding time…”

The last but one.

“Our little homicides of heart and soul…”

I know! I know! No one reads anymore – or writes anymore – or hardly thinks anymore. Vancouver’s burnt, London’s burning and Dis is rising…. But hey, we still got lots of pictures.

“A distant sun of indistinct desires…”


Thus dark and light revisited
Are such loving envoys
To witness what’s exhibited:
No one living destroys
Such mysteries unlimited –
What believing enjoys!

“Entwining wreath and thyrse…”

A consummate image, no?



“At night yesterday’s nearer than tomorrow…”*

*A curious phenomenon most recently recorded and studied by scientists, resulting in a famous white paper issued by the Nostalgia Heights Observatory located in Memory, New Mexico in the high desert region where the Desire River has vanished into a bed of sun-baked clay and the locals sell roadmaps and Baedekers to Pure Possiblity, the ghost town which abides on the other side of the Beseeming Mountain Range….


“In God’s blue beard, they tangle up their song…”

The line, I realize, is an inadvertent nod of the snout to Korrektiv’s next Konnektiv Kollokation by Brian Jobe.

“…courtship’s end…”

Inspired by Jack Bauer and a comment by SEP, I’ve shown a bit more of my hand – or would that be a trotter?