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Archives for January 2005

Korrektiv in the News

Der Transparente Journalist

In seiner neuen Kolumne schildert Mark Glaser “To their surprise, Bloggers are force for change in big media” wie Blogger als Korrektiv zu den “großen” Medien wie z.B. der New York Times oder Chicago Tribune dienen, wie inzwischen sogar NY Times Ombudsman Okrent anerkennt.


All hail Korrektiv. Now, the number one blog site in America.

The Moviegoer

Anonymous review from the “Book Reviews: Briefer Listings” section of Film Quarterly, Vol. 16, No. 2 (Winter, 1962-1963), p. 59:

By Walker Percy. (New York: Knopf, 1961.) A remarkably Camus-like novel, set in the South but without any of the usual hackneyed Suthn-decadence business; in fact an utterly modern and curiously touching work, skillful in its use of the relevantly irrelevant offhand observation and feeling. The dry irony of the book extends to the movies the narrator sees and remembers, but it is never the easy literary-man’s irony.

Secret Societies

I read on another blog site about Washington Governor Christine Gregoire’s college sorority days. Apparently her sorority was Whites/Christians only, and the members would wear hooded robes during their rituals. Now, I’m not trying to play “gotcha” with Governor Gregoire(even though I don’t believe she was legitimately elected). Everybody has the right to be young and stupid. What interests (and arouses?) me is the vision of coeds one minute in the basement perfoming medieval rituals in robes, and the next minute sitting around the kitchen table eating popcorn and talking girltalk.

"Also Available in White"

An upgrade of the cliche, “Wash Me,” temporary griffito one sees scribed on the dirty backsides of 18-wheeler trailers. This witty variant was spotted traveling west on I-90 one mucky January afternoon. If I were a black man, I’d put this on a t-shirt and wear it during pick-up basketball games with my white friends.

Jonathan Potter

Jonathan Potter, Korrektiv co-founder, spends half the year in Subsaharan Africa and the other half in Spokane WA, where he conducts guided tours of the Rathdrum aquafer.

Jonathan Webb

Jonathan Webb writes for Korrektiv and works as a substitute test pilot for Boeing Aerospace Co.