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This one is a caution, yes it is. What would inspire someone to reach such a conclusion? I mean, besides the obvious, which is that Ye Olde Powers that Be wanted to draw my attention back to this here website, and so they hit me where I’d feel it: my childhood, Old Scratch, excellent art, etc.

Beyond that, I’m guessing Lord Catz just couldn’t bring himself to believe that Irish Catholics in some podunk town in Upstate New York would have the aesthetic wherewithal to order up a raft of top-quality stained glass windows from Austria…

Anyway, let’s see if anyone’s still reading this thing. I can’t think of a single time when the attempt to revive a thing after its initial moment has passed has proved successful or even unembarrassing, but I’m kind of past such concerns. Maybe Korrektiv can enter into its ex-suicide phase…


  1. This post gives me existential-mystical skin pricklings and the urge to slug down a good gulp of Early Times.

  2. Christ is about to snap his fingers as the devil. Let’s see what happens next…


  3. The lead doubles as rope, and Jesus and is tying up Satan with it.

  4. Louise Orrock says

    Hello. I’ve come back to read this evening.

  5. Just ventured back here today. It’s been a long time. I hope everyone at the Korrektiv is doing well. Did the Korrektiv kommit suicide? Oh, my. No.

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