‘… Still With You.’

From the Armadio degli Argenti of Blessed John of Fiesole, OP (Fra Angelico), c. 1450

‘… I rose up and am still with you.’

Psalm 139: 18


  1. Matthew Lickona says

    The juxtaposition of the New Testament images with the Old Testament quotations is the most sublime part of these (well, apart from the art itself). But I’ve always been more ridiculous than sublime, and it’s like they say about like liking like. Which is to say, I love the tags.

    Happy Easter!

    • Angelico Nguyen, Esq., OP says

      Re the Old Testament captions: Those are what really set this series of paintings apart for me, too. We juxtapose the Old and New Testament texts against each other all the time (in the liturgy, in books of theology or spirituality, in the annotations of our Bibles). And Daniel Mitsui is keeping alive the great tradition of juxtaposing images of Old and New Testament scenes and symbols within the same work. But I rarely see words from the Old Testament ‘played off’ images from the New (or vice versa), and it really does open up a slightly different way of thinking. Anyhow, thanks: I’m glad people ‘got’ this series. AMDG.

      As for the tags — Well, I learned at the footnotes of the Master.

    • Big Jon Bully says

      Amen. Thanks.

  2. I guess He’s sticking around for a while.

  3. These are lovely. I would very much like to go to the Museo di San Marco to see them. If anyone would like to send me, I’ll be glad to give you a P. O. box number where you can send a check. Of course, I guess that would mean I would have to get a P. O. box.

    Happy Easter to all.


    • Angelico Nguyen, Esq., OP says

      If wishes were horses, we’d all be eating steak.

      But Christ is risen, so no complaints here. Happy Easter to you and your household, Janet.

      Alleluia, alleluia!

  4. And Happy Easter to the Kollektiv. This was a lovely series, Angelico.

    • Angelico Nguyen, Esq., OP says

      Thanks much, IC! Of course, it’s the other Angelico who really deserves the credit. Happy Easter to you and your family — alleluia, alleluia!

      Did you happen to notice Big Jon’s theological question in the comments on earlier post? If not, I have now fulfilled my duty be bringing it to the attention of the Korrektiv House Theologian.

  5. Louise Orrock says

    Happy Easter. I’m sorry not to have posted comments recently. I’ll have more energy as it gets warmer (I don’t have central heating).

  6. Louise Orrock says

    I don’t know if you drew these pictures yourself, but do you realise animals are omniscient?

  7. Louisa Orrock says

    That may have been a non sequitur – I don’t know what drawings I was referring to – but I meant it and know it to be true from observation. 21st April was the day I boarded the ship. Christ is Risen reminds me of a story I read recently called The Apostle by Gerhart Hauptmann. The hero believes he is the risen Christ, feels close to nature and animals – and children, it’s implied, is against industrialisation, and torches people’s properties or encourages others to do so, I can’t now remember which.

  8. Louisa Orrock says

    For example, this does not prove omniscience but is interesting, there is a six legged spider in the kitchen, quite common in the flat, with a small head, a couple of millimetres or so, that, however, has a beautiful woman’s face. You will also see that the small silver moths look like beautiful angels. It’s kind of depressing on the one hand but I wouldn’t want to un-know it, I don’t think.

  9. Louisa Orrock says

    The videos I have of them have been taken although I uploaded most although not all of the ones I have taken of animals onto facebook. Perhaps they’ll turn up in one of the trunks although I think someone probably wanted the bag, which was for laptops. It is not decent to photograph the spiders really and so I wont’ now although I do sometimes.

  10. Louisa Orrock says

    Also i may have said and you may know that life emerges spontaneously from rotting vegetation – most notably from rotting oranges because the worms are the same shape as the fibres, ha. There are flies there a couple of days before it happens but you can see the worms emerging from the – I’m just wondering where I put this summer’s video, if it’s on the chromebook I suppose – fibres. But they make your life unbearable if you believe these things, although I enjoy some aspects of travelling still, i dare not say which, as well as the animals in the garden.

  11. Rufus McCain says

    I like how these posts float up to the surface every year, cutting through the murk of the blog to shine forth. Just like Easter itself.

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