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Live-blogging the Brisket

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So I’m doing this for a Sunday repast… Started at 6 this a.m. and won’t quit until sometime this evening, around 5:30ish or so. That will be ten (it is hoped, successful) hours of smoking with my kettle.

Updates every hour.

Stay tuned…


Hermeneutics of Hygiene: A Squeeze of the Hand-sanitizer

moby dick wash

American Sh*t Only


The State of Washington giveth, the State of Washington taketh away


Does this apply to all restrooms everywhere?


The day Peter became a rock star

pius xii bathroom pic

Something to offend everyone:

“From the time that the Church decided to embrace the world, she started to speak to the world in what she thought was the proper way. In the 1950s it was middle-class and the Right. Today it is middle-class and the Left, but in either case with an air of radical chic.”



The Korrektiv Mission Statement [draft]


More Helpful Urinal Info


Thank You, Asshole


If someone is placing items in the urinal, will friendly signage really sway that type of person?

Because We Kare