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Welcome to Korrektiv Press!

Korrektiv Press is a fledgling enterprise that rose from the primordial soup of a blog inspired by the spirit of Kierkegaard and Walker Percy. (The press takes its name from Kierkegaard’s effort to provide a “korrektiv” to Hegel’s philosophy of world-historical forces, asserting against those forces the significance and worth of the individual.) Korrektiv, the blog, appeared in 2004 and has featured the writing of a variety of real and pseudonymous authors: some poets, some fictionists, some essayists—but nearly all of them self-identified as bad Catholics afflicted with the desire to write good stuff.

New from Korrektiv Press!

Words of the Day: Doggerel — poems by Brian Jobe

What the Sky Lacks — poems by Thom Caraway

Damn Good Cookie by Chris Cook: a collection of poetry, written and spoken, shaken and stirred.

Bird’s Nest in Your Hair by Brian Jobe: a novel about bartending, old-time religion, and the twilight years of commercial pornography. Plus, poetry!

Surfing with Mel

Surfing with Mel
A Story in Script Form by Matthew Lickona
based upon
A Story in Epistolary Form by Joe Eszterhas
A Failed Film Project by Mel Gibson
based upon
The Book of Maccabees by God.

Volume 1 of the Korrektiv Press series Lives of Famous Catholics.

Forthcoming from Korrektiv Press:

Tulips for Elsie, new poems by Jonathan Potter (April 2021)