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Archives for September 2005

Celebrity Moms, Part XXIII

Here’s the latest story about famous women doing the mom thing, joining the likes of Kate Hudson, Gwenyth Paltrow…the list of female celebrities late gone semi- or totally on mommy-leave goes on, I believe…anybody care to chip in here?

Talkin’ bout my generation. It’s a good thing, I think. For one thing, parenthood is an endless source of comic material. And maybe even other sorts of inspiration as well.

Outrageous, Part II

That is, outrageously funny.

She’s right, blogging is ridiculously easy. All you have to do is opine. So why is it that anybody cares what you or any other blogger (make that ‘and every other blogger’) thinks? Because the magic of being in “print” is that, suddenly, you appear authoritative. After all, you’re published, aren’t you??

This is a much-needed takedown, myself non-excepted (as a “new blogger.”) I’m considering asking Matt to turn off my invite when he makes deadline.

It reminds me of a bit from that piece on Conan I linked to:

“There are no gatekeepers to comedy anymore,” says O’Brien, who hasn’t performed stand-up since college and rarely visits comedy clubs (the idea of hosting a stand-up show, he says, makes him want to “put a gun to my ear”). “There used to be a castle with one entry to the moat, and Johnny had the key to the drawbridge. Now they’ve taken down all the walls to the castle and people are milling in and out. These days, there are 40 ‘best new comedians’ coming out next year.”

So who finds a blogger to be worthy? “The majority”?

T-Shirt of the Day…


…don’t miss this opportunity for huge savings at the House of Stuff’s “End is Near” sale!

[Thanks to Smokee for the inspiration.]


Hey Brits, if you’re watching this space, let’s hear it! We might start to think you’re dissenting from Technopoly or something!

I Can’t Bear to Listen…

…but if memory serves, this is not the worst interview I ever gave.


Korrektiv is taking a brief hiatus while the Korrektiv wives recover from (a) childbirth and (b) a broken limb.


Pop culture has just been done.
Stay real, indeed.

The Rumours Are True

Most likely. Given Abu Gharib.

I’ve also heard that Marines have handed out porn to recruit locals against insurgents.

Hugh Hefner rules the world. Or rather, the monster he created–namely, mainstreamed, ubiquitous porn–rules the world.

UPDATE: More photos of Abu Gharib will soon be released.

What Are The Odds?

A trailer for a film entitled The Squid and the Whale (that’s one post referenced) which includes a discussion of the meaning of “philistine” – a twofer!

If this is porn, you must be…

Charles Taylor. I should have seen it coming, and probably would have if I’d thought about it. Taylor is perhaps porn’s greatest champion in the press. Of course he’d find somewhere to review Pornified. Sadly, he may be right about the book. Amy Sohn wasn’t too impressed in the NYT either (their link is botched).