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One mild evening in early fall somewhere in the middle of God’s country…

colloquium 1

I made a drink


and a diverse group of Catholic gentlemen talked a little Plato.

colloquium 3

We talked and talked and drank and drank and talked and drank …. until the horse came home.

Two Short Poems on Letters and Numbers

Down on the Farm
On a page as white as milk, row
after row of black letters filled
a large field of text to be tilled
with red tools, such as a pilcrow.

Way Out There
Neither the infinite nor the infinitesimal
will you reach with yet another decimal.

Two Short Poems about Toenail Fungus

My Onychomycosis
It takes a lot of chutzpa
to walk into a foot spa.

After His Toenails Were Trimmed
He had terrible athlete’s foot
and (whenever he ran) asthma. Boric
acid helped heal his hoof,
but made jogging phantasmagoric.

“Phone a Friend”

That night
Your voice
Was just right
I had no choice
But to ask
If you would
Accept the task
If you could
Embrace the wonder
Of being
Embrace the blunder
Of seeing
Me through the haze
For the rest of your days.

Blue, Tangled up in

Something from the Potter down-and-out audio files.

The Profit

swift justice

When children kill we wring our hands and cry –
“The kingdom’s here and now and Christ is not
The crucified!” Confused, we butterfly
Our judgment, dissect humanity, gut
The soul and pick apart the truth. We love
Our sins so much we give them tongue to speak….
So heaven’s here and cold as stone above –
While hell’s beneath us. Spatchcock
The conscience, too, o modern primitive!
The temple’s vatic whisper will indict
Though pills become our lusty palliative
And love of death becomes our civil right.
We pay our tongues to serve the talk of peace –
We kill our kids so they can take our place.

Two Short Poems about German History

Industrial Strength Jadra
For access to the Baltic Sea,
Germany had to transfigure
Gdansk into Danzig. Schwer:
Poles inhabit the entire city.

Shifting Borders Among German Speaking Peoples from Archaic Times to the Present
Hops the men grew for beer the men pissed
were reason enough for any irredentist.

Four Short Poems with a Nod to German Language

Attempting to Read Der Spiegal
German words can be rather long,
the simplest speech sprechgesang.

On Trying to Read Heidegger’s Gesamtausgabe
What is worth noting about such rarefied
reasoning is that so much needs to be clarified.

Postscript to Credences of Summer
Belief demands a real leaf—gott in all
en dingen
—as September turns serotinal.

Selves Inflated by Idle Talk
Gerede comes in many 
varieties: some people prate
on and on, others repeat 
what others repeat, cut-rate—
none of it worth a penny,
but all of it free to retweet.