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“The Bavarian State Library in Munich announces that Origen’s homilies on the Psalms have been discovered in an 11th century Greek manuscript,” reports Patristics blogger Alin Siciu.

Most of the rest is in German, but  – (They got pictures!) – check it out anyway.

This exciting news of course immediately raises a practical question which classicist blogger Roger Pearse is on top of like Alciabiades on top of a …well never mind.

It all sounds rather originel, if you ask me.


  1. Fortunately, my German is excellent.

    What about the margin notes reading, “pause for effect”?

  2. This does nothing—nothing, I tell you—to appease my desire for Ovid’s Medea or the rest of the Satyricon. I still harbor the insane hope that some goatherd will find a pair of scrolls while digging his toilet somewhere along a branch of the Blue Nile. Or, perhaps more realistically, that a pair of Loebs will be placed in my study carrel in the Next World—should I now begin the requisite alms-giving.

    Or perhaps reading some commentary on the Psalms might do the trick.

    Thanks, JOB.

  3. Southern Expat says

    That movie poster is amazing. I’m impressed you found that as the image for this post.

  4. S.E., the Catholic Church has resources. Obviously.

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