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Just imagine…

…how just positively tickled Bret Easton Ellis must have felt when David Remnick got made Editor of The New Yorker

In his Nobel Prize-acceptance address, the exiled Russian poet Joseph Brodsky insisted that literature is something “more ancient and inevitable, more durable than any form of social organization.” That is a heartening thought when one thinks of the works of Dostoyevski and Tolstoy in light of the Soviet regime, but the American version is a bit jarring. Mr. Brodsky has clearly not read the works of Bret Easton Ellis et al. The shining literary lights of the Reagan era are the tiny eminences behind Less Than Zero and A Cannibal in Manhattan. The young, proto-serious novelists aren’t killing the novel, says critic Terrence Rafferty, they’re staging a “hostile takeover.”

“The New Inferiority,” David Remnick, GQ, May 1988

What are you trying to tell me, Walker Percy?


What’s that? You want me to finish The Last Gentlemen now that your dear wife has passed? Sorry pal, there’s just no market for it.

(I suspect it was a telemarketer. But seeing as how I didn’t pick up, I’ll never know for sure.)

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Today in Typos

Screen Shot 2013-05-27 at 6.40.16 PM Gosh, I knew the mainstream media was fonder of Francis than it ever was of Benedict, but this is really something else.

Happy, Happy, Happy Trinity Sunday

Today in Couple Workouts


What is this I don’t even

Photo on 5-25-13 at 9.18 AM

Though the mailman brought this, it does not appear to be either a bill or an advertisement. There are words scrawled all over it, and there is a cryptic inscription at the bottom: JOB. It’s as if someone took an email and printed it, by hand, on a piece of paper, and then shipped that piece of paper to me.

Good Country People: Play Me lyric video

Today in Porn: Don Jon

Never mind Yahoo! buying Tumblr, which is pretty much one step shy of Google buying YouPorn, here’s the big porn-related news of the week:

“My Church, my boys, my girls, my porn.”

Augustine’s Member can rest in peace.

More McLuhan

I’m not sure about McLu’s connecting Mary with Wisdom here (“playing before God in the beginning” — Prov 8?). But good stuff re. “faith comes from hearing” and his own conversion. “You have to knock pretty hard.”

I chopped some chops

Here are the beauties before the action gets hot:


And here, during.


And again, during (man with fag is master butcher/griller of the operation).


And again, about to come off…


(They were consumed too quickly for any presentation shots. But then again, life is a series of frustrations, in’nit?)

More Helpful Urinal Info


McLuhan on Faith

Remember what I said about Facebook and heaven? Remember how you rent your garments? Marshall McLuhan said the same thing about the telephone in 1965.

I’ve been surf-boarding a McLuhan wave of late and mostly sucking up salt water, but having a good time. Got tubular here:

Stoked, dude.

Brand X

Look what Wiseblood Books is cooking up:

Wiseblood books

Wiseblood Submissions: Open Season for Unsolicited Manuscripts
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Wiseblood Drive: Secure the Pulse of Cultural Renewal
In order to fully animate our brand new editing and publishing line, Wiseblood Books is holding its first Wiseblood Drive. Donations will helps us to advertise publications, solicit introductions and critical essays from established authors, improve our software, maintain our website, and support our staff.

We are grateful for even the most modest donation; no amount is too small.

Those who donate $33.00 or more will receive a Wiseblood Classic of their choice. Visit our Book Catalogue to view recently released Wiseblood Classics, a line of books that preserves the enduring epiphanies of now-dead custodians of the beautiful-truthful. Through this series we give new form to great works of literature at a price you can afford.

Those who donate $333.00 or more will receive an entire Wiseblood Classic Library, complete with every book we’ve published to date. Donors on this tier may also request a Classic they would like to see us print.

To donate, go to our homepage:

Today in No Porn


Cold Spring Sonnet


The next day
was much warmer.
– Elizabeth Bishop

A golden finch is singing rain in notes
That fall in desperate distances of cloud –
The agony of rust that sounds a gate’s
Intransigent articulation. Wood
And field are cropping frozen fog and hold
Their tongues to seek relief from winter’s chafe.
This March is hard and time is growing old
While April strives to dream the fallen leaf.

The snow dispersed beneath a chilling rain
Is pocking furrows, mocking shadows’ claims
To death and night and all that draws a line
In time – what ties to stone our names
And dates – what pulls at earth with rusty cry
And rips the frozen hinges off the sky.

More Or

What did one Easter Island head say to the other Easter Island head?

photo copy 3

“The band’s gonna make it.”