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Today in Porn: Jesus Loves Porn Stars

Noticed this sticker in the window of a pickup truck the other day:

Here’s a closer view:

First time I’ve seen it actually slapped onto a car.  But these guys have been around for a long time.


Time to start work.  Enough noodling.  This thing needs to be done in two weeks.  This blog has just become my journal of accountability.  I know what needs to be done, I think.  Now I need to do it.

Down & Out in Louisiana in 1991

Dispatch from the Edge of Sleep

I Wonder if Binx Ever Saw This One?

Pope Fails in History

How long until Season 2 of The Borgias?

Kidding.  Season 1 was a big fat disappointment.  Which is not to say I didn’t watch it.

“… his Archie Moore mustache …”

The Fearful Self

Photo credit: samhakes from

Question: What is so frightening to so many people about speaking to an audience?

(a) Is it because the ever-present chance of making a fool of oneself before one person is multiplied by the number of listeners, so that an audience of 50 persons is 50 times more terrifying than one? Is an audience of 50 million a million times more terrifying than 50?
(b) Is it because, since one person, friend or stranger, is often difficult to deal with, 50 people are 50 times more difficult?
(c)  Is it because there are only 2.5 weeks until the conference?

Blooming at the Graveyard Gates

The Millions is my new favorite website.

My strategy for the conference.

In a word: Slipsum.

A fine piece at The Onion‘s AV Club


Are indie films unfair to Christianity?