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Happy Halloween from the Godsbody Children.

First Son: Laughing Devil
Second Son: Mr. Moustache, Mr. Beard
Third Son: Evil Grin
First Daughter: Sidelong Smile
Third Daughter: Surprise!
Second Daughter: Happy to Be Here

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A Very Interesting Ethical Question

Getting ready to spend a few hours driving through the wilds of darkest Orange County, looking for something worthwhile to stick on the ol’ iPod. Hmmm…. you know, after reading John Cleese’s interesting comment about Christ over at the AV Club the other day, I’m reminded that he once did a recording of CS Lewis’ The Screwtape Letters. And hey, this guy says I can download it from! Um, or not. Drat. Amazon has it used but only on audiocassette. Bleah.

But hey! Here it is for free, and it’s not even one of those naughty naughty torrent download thingies. SO: the question. The thing is out of production. Neither Cleese nor the people who produced it for him stand to make any more money from it. So is it okay to download?

Dear Art: please stop imitating life. Or at least, stop imitating my life.

So I’m watching Mad Men with The Wife, and Betty is confronting Don about the box of secrets, and Betty’s saying something along the lines of, “You lied to me every day.” And I stop the show (thank you, iTunes) and say, “Now that’s not quite fair. Not telling someone everything isn’t quite the same as lying. It’s not like he’s looking her in the face and pretending things are true that aren’t.” And The Wife comes back with, “But he’s got a girl in the car, right outside! He is lying to her.” Like the man said, “The past isn’t over. Hell, it isn’t even past.” And suddenly I’m thinking about the crap we bring into even our most intimate relationships, the way that crap works to sour and erode those relationships, the smiling dishonesties we allow ourselves and HELLO CAN SOMEONE PLEASE TURN DOWN THE SELF-LOATHING? I’M TRYING TO WATCH A SHOW HERE.


Third Son asked for pie. Smart boy.

Birthday Limerick

There was an old man, Theodore,
who lived to a hundred and four.
He held in his fist
a long bucket list
to which he kept on adding more!

Today in Porn, Let Us Now Praise Famous Men Edition

“The Loin in Winter.” Really, New York Times? Really? Anyway, here’s another profile of Playboy founder Hugh Hefner, looking back on his… hm? Oh, sorry, must have dozed off. When you’re 83, it happens.

Anyway, never forget: “Indeed, some of his long-time friends fret that some of the accomplishments they admire — creating a cultural icon (the Playboy Bunny), eroding racial boundaries (through the inclusion of black performers in his clubs), and supporting many feminist causes, including abortion rights and the Equal Rights Amendment — are getting lost. Mr. Hefner worries about it, too. ‘We just literally live in a very different world and I played a part in making it that way,’ he said. ‘Young people have no idea about that.’”

Friday Mailbag

from Owen Oconnell
to girls who read korrectiv
date Fri, Oct 22, 2009 at 7:37 AM
subject Hello


I know its not reasonable to mail someone like this, but i dont have enough time to go and sign up on facebook or anything, basically im looking forward to hangout or have a relationship with a decent girl, like the ones who read this blog. maybe if you are single and interested email me back at this address:

and im really very sorry if this emial bothers you, and if it does let me know knwo i will never sned you ant kind of email.

Thanks alot :))

Denis Leary relaxing in his sun room with Coco, a longhaired Chihuahua

Slideshow here.

Today in Porn, "The pornification of mainstream culture is so complete that it hardly matters" Edition

Hey Steven Soderbergh! You broke into the industry with the searing indie sex, lies, and videotape, which contained, among other things, a subtle meditation on the way filmed intimacy can be isolating and exploitative. Ha ha! Now here’s you in the Times of London:

“Similarly, he rejects the idea that with [the casting of porn star Sasha Grey in his film The Girlfriend Experience] he has resorted to stunt casting, insisting that the pornification of mainstream culture is so complete that it hardly matters. For example? He confesses to being quite the consumer. In fact, he says, he has been known to storm out of hotels if they don’t offer pay-per-view porn. ‘I was in a hotel in Anaheim about five years ago, and after checking in I literally went down to the front desk and said, “I don’t understand, there’s no pay-per-view porn!” I called my producer and said, “I can’t take this, I’m checking out”.’ And I went to the hotel across the road. I think it should be in the bill of rights — when you’re travelling, access to pornography should be the number three thing on the list after clean towels and 24-hour room service.’ He rolls his eyes upwards, to indicate the hotel rooms above, and sighs, ‘They don’t have it here!'”

Sigh indeed! Joke’s on us!

[Via Vulture.]

Dear James Cameron

You wanna bring a fantastical world to life? Do a movie about angels. No sentiment, no piety – go for the weirdness and the terrifying power and glory. The mother of all movie battles, indeed.

And just imagine animating this:

Camping in Ramona.

A Cure for Depression