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White horehound bodes a bitter exodus….

The Metamorphosis by Franz Kafka

I read The Metamorphosis back in 1992, and scribbled down these notes:

“How we treat the marginalized and the suffering of others. Impatience, indifference, disgust. (Auden’s poem.) That’s one thought this story prompted. An interesting story but I was a little disappointed. I expected more or a tour de force. Maybe it was the translation, but it struck me as almost amateurish. Kafka is a conundrum. I guess style and technique may not be his forte; as C.S. Lewis pointed out, myth making is.”

Now I’m wondering if my judgment was impaired; thinking I need to re-read. Korrektiv Summer Reading Klub, anyone?

Elsewhere in the Catholic Blogosphere

… cultural Catholicism is DEAD, DEAD, DEAD as a retention strategy for the American Catholic church in the 21st century.

R.I.P. David Frye…

…whose Richard Nixon comedy albums did so much to form my political sensibilities.

OMIGOSH, here’s one of them!

Happy Feast of St. Thomas

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Today in Porn, Bad Catholics Edition.

Charlie Sheen, highest-paid actor on television and star of the mysteriously popular sitcom Two and a Half Men, has gone into rehab.

What happened to bring about this disaster for primetime comedy? “Party pal Kacey Jordan played embedded reporter, tweeting a (NSFW) photo of her crotch from the scene, then providing an eyewitness account to TMZ that elaborated on yesterday’s rumors of a ‘designer briefcase full of cocaine’ (it was a nice, ‘professional’ Gucci satchel, according to Jordan), and added her account of a marathon screening of porn in his home theater. (‘He has so much porn,’ Jordan says. ‘I think that’s all he does is probably sit there and watch porn.’) Jordan also elucidated Sheen’s alleged plan to retire from show business, ‘go fucking crazy,’ buy a $20 million, 27-room house, and fill it with a ‘porn family,’ with Jordan playing the crucial role of ‘the blonde.’”

Forget drawing a connection between porn and self-destructive behavior, I’d like to use this example to posit a connection between porn and really lousy art.

[Not pictured above: Sheen’s Catholic dad Martin as a Catholic priest in Gospa. Google Images, you disappoint me.]

Succoring selfish suckers with clustered sprays…

The Awl takes on The Rite, Walker Percy references ensue.

Percy gets mentioned in the second comment. I didn’t start it!

Pope Benedict Blesses Social Networking

Proclaims TIME: “Pope Benedict XVI may be old, but he’s still with it.