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I was supposed to prepare a talk for the Moviegoer conference …

… but then a peculiar thing happened.



Gloria Steinem must read Korrektiv

She’s calling for a TV boycott of NBC’s new show, The Playboy Club:

Steinem, 77, said on Friday that it was important to reject the TV series, despite the fact that it is set 40 years ago.
“It normalizes a passive dominant idea of gender. So it normalizes prostitution and male dominance…I just know that over the years, women have called me and told me horror stories of what they experienced at the Playboy Club and at the Playboy Mansion,” she said.


“When I was working there and writing the expose, one of the things they had to change because of my expose was that they required all the Bunnies, who were just waitresses, to have an internal exam and a test for venereal disease,” she said.

Any Breaking Bad fans in the haus?

Please come comment on this review of Breaking Bad.

I’m Posting This For a Friend

There are more Bad Catholics out there…

Love this new blog – BadCatholic. From Y’all Suck At Sinning:

Think on this. 200 years ago, if a young man and woman were filled with passionate love-lust for each other, and said ‘to hell with morality, we’re making love’, they were doing what they knew they shouldn’t. They were tasting the forbidden fruit. And, in all likelihood, they were very happy doing it. I hold that the modern world has no idea what it’s like to taste forbidden fruit – not for any lack of eating it – but because it is fed to them from kindergarten.

And…the kid is only 18.

A long time ago, on a website far, far away…

…I dreamed up a cartoon.  Not so long ago, I got around to drawing it.


4 yr old: Dad, you’re funny.
Myself: Thanks.
4 yr: You’re weird.
Self: I liked it better when you said I was funny.
7 yr (chiming in): You’re half funny and half weird!
4 yr (smiling): And half nice.
7 yr: But sometimes he’s mean.

Wisconsin man peels back Onion to its obsolescence


I don’t understand how reality keeps scooping the boys from Madison (perhaps because they moved to New York?), but this one is especially painful for being in their old back yard…

Occurring right at the end is what could possibly be considered the money quote to end all money quotes:

“I’m not the smartest guy, but this is going to be my journey,” Dan said. “Just a guy learning and growing with fragrances.”


This particular precedent would terrify me

“Everything … shows that these children, orchestrated by their father, will stop at nothing to embarrass and financially harm their mother,” Smith wrote in a court filing. “In the process they have embarrassed themselves and left a public record blogged about on the Internet that will shadow their every future relationship.”

“Bad Mothering” lawsuit dismissed…

I hope the dad loses every client he has.

Top Ten Female Singer Songwriters

1. Celine Dion
2. Joan Baez
3. Lady Gaga
4. Linda Ronstadt
5. One of the Indigo Girls
6. The other Indigo Girl
7. Justin Bieber
8. Sarah Mclachlan
9. Norah Jones
10. Matthew Lickona

Like a Slow-Release Drug

Patrick at Plastic Beatitude turned me on to another fine essay, this one by Jim Santel at The Millions, in observance of 50th Anniversary of The Moviegoer.

F. Scott Fitzgerald thought “the purpose of a work of fiction is to appeal to the lingering after-effects in the reader’s mind.” Other than Fitzgerald’s own works, I’ve never read a novel whose power lies so fully not in the course of being read, but in the astral glow of having been read. When I completed The Moviegoer for the first time, I was at a loss to explain the significance of the 242 pages I’d just traversed, but I knew they had been important. I felt the novel working on me in strange ways, like a slow-release drug. That so much of The Moviegoer’s effect is felt when it’s not being read can be attributed not to some defect in Percy’s prose, but rather to the nature of the novel’s moral project. Read more …

Santel seems to be grokking something John Desmond touched on here as well.