Matthew Lickona


Matthew Lickona is a staff writer and film critic for the San Diego Reader, a weekly newspaper. He lives with his wife and family on the edge of the old Grossmont Artist Colony in La Mesa, California.

Upcoming works:

Gaga Confidential: Lady Gaga, Madonna, and the Secret Show, with a Special Appearance by H.R. Giger (Vol. 2 of the Korrektiv Press series Lives of Famous Catholics)

Recent works:

Good Country People: “Play Me.” The first song from the musical collective. Available for purchase here and here.

Surfing with Mel: a Story in Script Form by Matthew Lickona based upon a Story in Epistolary Form by Joe Eszterhas regarding A Failed Film Project by Mel Gibson based upon The Book of Maccabees by God (Vol. 1 of the Korrektiv Press series Lives of Famous Catholics) Additional materials: Review at Labora Press. Reviews at Goodreads. Interview at The Ironic Catholic. Interview at altcatholicah

Alphonse: A Monster for Our Time, the first two chapters of a graphic novel published by Fallen Man Productions. First issue available for free download here.  Additional materials: Article in The Washington Times. Article at Our Sunday Visitor. Interview at The American Catholic. Interview at Word on Fire. Interview at Scrutinies. Still seeking sponsorship for project’s completion.

Older works:

Swimming with Scapulars:  Confessions of a Young Catholic, a memoir published by Loyola Press in 2005.

His essays have appeared in the Godspy anthology Faith at the Edge, the Catholic education anthology Here Comes Everybody, and the Paulist Press collection Young and Catholic in America.

His reverse-gloss on Pope Benedict XVI’s consideration of eros in the encyclical Deus Caritas Est appeared in Doublethink.  The literary magazine Dappled Things published his essay on Catholic fiction, as well as “Meat,” a short story.

His work as a critic and essayist has appeared on various websites, including The Awl,,,,,, and also hosted his group discussion of Ron Hansen’s novel Exiles.

Late of the blog Godsbody, he joined the Korrektiv in 2010.