What the Sky Lacks

What the Sky Lacks -- poems by Thom Caraway

Poems by Thom Caraway

With an unwavering ascendancy of the austere, Thom Caraway’s What the Sky Lacks explores the negative capability of uncertainties and mysteries in a landscape of ruthless severity and elusive beauty, “a world built of unknown language.” While witnessing the stark refuge of cottonwood shelterbelts on a field’s ragged periphery, listening to the tender weight of empty freight cars rolling through the night, or recounting the dream of a wrecker wherein human warmth exists only in the transient sounds of strangers, a soul transforms into “an instrument of pure light, a circular machine of illumination.” The spiritual discipline of recognizing beauty in a world of desolation emerges sheer, unadorned as the rugged territories in the northern badlands obliterated by merciless blizzards, unburnished yet dazzlingly beatific in wintry ruminations of a faith weathered out of wreckage. Instead of hungering for uneasy solace, this enduring poet vows, “We’ll rename the world.” (Karen An-hwei Lee)