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Another sort of March for Life…

…or rather, a march of life…

First Daughter is wisely off somewhere with her mother.

From the YouTube Video Archives: The Best Bob Dylan Interview Ever

Say What?

“Even more than [Percy’s] ‘The Moviegoer,'” writes Haddox, “‘A Confederacy of Dunces’ reveals a world in which Catholicism has ceased to function as anything but a marker of lifestyle.”

The Pope on YouTube

Today in Porn, Science Edition

Today’s entry deals not so much with porn as with porn’s red-handed stepchild, masturbation. Doonesbury readers will recall, no doubt, the furor that erupted six years ago when its creator penned a strip referencing a study that claimed a link between masturbation and the prevention of prostate cancer. (The hubbub was, of course, about the mention of “self-dating” in the funny papers, not about the the study itself.)

BUT NOW, the Manhattan Lawyer points us to a recent entry from Gawker, referencing a study that claims pretty much exactly the opposite:

“Men who are very sexually active in their twenties and thirties are more likely to develop prostate cancer, especially if they masturbate frequently, according to a study of more than 800 men. However the UK research team also found that frequent sexual activity in a man’s forties appears to have little effect and even small levels of activity in a man’s fifties could offer protection from the disease. Most of the differences were attributed to masturbation rather than sexual intercourse.”

Well, science, which is it? And yes, we here at Godsbody are tickled at the thought of federal legislation demanding that all pornography feature a label warning that masturbation increases your risk of prostate cancer.

March for Life 2009

Hi, Mom and Dad!

Memento Mori

Third Son takes picture of his old man.

Second Daughter: You took a picture of Daddy?

Old man: Why would you do that?

Third Son: I know why! Because when you die…

[Photo found here.]

Danger Love

The last one has a broken elbow – hence the single-handed adventure.

Happy Feast of St. Francis de Sales!

The patron saint of writers! When I first bought my painting (below), I imagined it depicted St. Jerome. Now, I’m not so sure. The robes may be a touch fancy. St. Francis de Sales, on the other hand, was a bishop… At any rate, I need his help these days. Trying to finish a project.
[UPDATE: An esteemed Father has just kindly sent word that, given the attending angel and the saint’s attire, my painting is almost certainly of my namesake, St. Matthew the Evangelist. Quelle chance]!


My first version of this had a caption that was rather more caustic:

But in light of the following, I’m going with the kinder, gentler route:

Thanks to Manhattan Lawyer for the heads up.