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Korrektiv Press takes its name from Danish philosopher Søren Kierkegaard’s effort to provide a korrektiv to the German philosopher Georg Wilhelm Friedrich Hegel’s concept of world-historical forces, asserting against those forces the significance and worth of the individual.

New from Korrektiv Press!

Sunrise Hexagrams — a two-volume set of poems and photographs (sunrise yin and yang) by Jonathan Potter, released October 25 and November 2, 2022.

A year of rising with the sun, documented with photos and accompanying six-line poems (hexagrams) divided into two volumes representing the dark part of the year (yin) and the light (yang).

Scarecrow Oracle — poems by Mark Anderson, released May 8, 2022

Mark Anderson is the oracle of memory and longing, of hide-a-beds and rusted Chevys. And these poems show him writing with his trademark sense of wonder and humor and place. I really enjoyed this collection.

—Jess Walter, author of The Cold Millions

Tulips for Elsie — poems by Jonathan Potter, released April 2, 2021

Tulips for Elsie cover image

Mr. Potter’s given us a bold adventurous book with plenty of sharp turns at high speed, with some gestures toward Neruda and Merwin but also “Sk8,” a gr8 skateboarding poem, and sonnets, and brave ventures into rhymed verse, poems for friends and relatives, “Stopping by Blogs on a Frosty Evening,” and poems of passionate love with angels looking down from above. Plus tulips and Elsie.

—Garrison Keillor, author of Boom Town

Words of the Day: Doggerel — poems by Brian Jobe, released January 1, 2020

Poems on subjects such as Ballroom Dancing, Phenomenology, and Animal Husbandry, all inspired by Dictionary.com’s Word of the Day. Read this book and be amazed!