Purifying Elements

Between a hill of shade and forceful stream,
I’ll rest to watch the season turn its phrase:
The shadows fondle the frothing seam
To clarify some part of other days.
Yet here now too—these paths of persistence
Have offered time a renewed resistance.

There’s no particular passage to cite.
These paragraphs of threading turbulence
Enjoy their syntax, black on scrawling white—
And, sun-sounded, contour-staggered, things sense
The water heave through its rocky grammar
And push back to purify its stammer. 

So sun plaits its forest with bullion plats—
And stakes these claims of momentary gold
With infiltrating nimbuses of gnats.
These clouds of being magnify, enfold
The lesson of dark and light: So, flow on…

I too am tired enough now to go on


  1. Rufus McCain says

    A blue moon poem with some fine resigned turns of seasonal phrase.

  2. Barbara Curley says

    Grand work, pater – just in time for autumn. Especially liked “sun-sounded, contour-staggered etc.” of the second stanza.

    Read aloud tomorrow evening – with whiskey of course:)

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