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Archives for June 2006

Beer Joke of the Month

Monty Python Live at the Hollywood Bowl – philosopher’s Song

Unfortunately there’s no mention of our man Søren — “whose words he was always a-slurrin'” — and who could put a frothy beer to quite a philosophical turn when the mood took ‘im.

[On referral from our new friend, angelmeg.]

The Kids Are Alright…

…and besides, they asked so nicely. I was honored by the request.

The latest issue of Dappled Things (“The Catholic literary magazine for young scholars and the young at heart”) is up, and it seems that I went and gave ’em an essay and a short story, ripped from the unpublished pages of Book Two. An advance advance excerpt, if you will.

These folks limit their contributors to the under-35 set, which makes me something of an elder statesman – hoo! But seriously – I’d love to see the thing succeed. The notion of young Catholics interested in art sounds good to me. So I tossed my ante in. We’ll see what comes. If you wander over and read, I do hope you enjoy.

Last Keillor post…

…really. I promise. I’m sure you’re all pretty tired of these.

But it strikes me, upon reading these various suggestions that Keillor’s heart is with the urban elite, that his sensibility has fled his small-town roots and mores, that certain particulars give the lie to this notion. I’ve got a lot of Prairie Home Companions on tape – a neighbor used to tape them, or at least The News from Lake Wobegon. And there’s one bit that has stayed with me especially well, though not so well that I can recall it verbatim.

Keillor was broadcasting from New York at the time, and he spoke (his tone dripping with derision) about a New York performance artist who was ruminating on The End of Civilization. Later in the episode, he discussed a husband and wife, sitting at the kitchen table before the sun came up, drinking coffee and putting life back in order after the previous day’s chaos. He said something like, “These people don’t talk about the end of civilization. For these people” – i.e. parents – “civilization is a job.” The audience thundered its approval. It was a great line, and hardly the notion of the urban elite: civilization is the passing on of a tradition, a heritage, a culture. You can sit by the wall and predict its end, or you can roll up your sleeves and keep it going.

The Pickle Syndrome

Caution: link includes extremely disturbing images.

I wanted to make my first post at Korrektiv to be something significant. Something heavy, that would really help make a big splash. Perhaps a quotation from Heidegger, or Kierkegaard, or maybe von Balthasaar, whose Christian and Anxiety I’ve been reading as, yes, a korrektiv to all that Kierkegaard.

Then I stumbled upon this. And I’ve had to ask myself: how would Dr. Tom More have handled this? Would even the lapsometer have worked? And what could Father Smith possibly say?

The Jesus Year

Johnny Depp, playing notoriously, gloriously bad director Ed Wood, lay abed with his girlfriend and fretted that Orson Welles had made Citizen Kane at the tender age of 26 – while he, Wood, was already 30. But by 33, Jesus (who is, after all, supposed to be my exemplar) had redeemed humanity and opened the gates of heaven. I need to get on the stick. Mortality ain’t just a nine-letter word.

“I am a member of a generation of Catholics raised after Vatican II who was cheated out of a Catholic education.”

Waugh’s Mr. Joyboy would be proud, I think.*

Friend of Godsbody (FOG – how appropriate) Aunt Smokee passes along this amazing innovation in the memorial business.

“Our urns are so soft and cuddly that it makes you want to hug them. It’s nice to
know that your loved one’s final resting place is in one of these Huggable Urns
and always around you ready to hug when ever you feel the need.”

*Mr. Joyboy provided courtesy of The Loved One.

Our Lady of Las Vegas

…is where my Goddaughter was baptized. Fascinating church, combining as it does elements from so many different styles (not that I’m any sort of expert). Fra Angelico. A style I have come to think of as classic ’50s American Catholic. Celtic? Iconography. Mission (the ceiling). Art Deco. ’70s stained-glass (post Vatican II trippy color panels, but still holding onto tradition a little bit with the faces). More iconography, this time with a more Russian tinge? Gothic (the lamps) and Roman (the pillars).

The Delta Factor* Revisited

Learning to Read

* Cf. this.

Off to Vegas

I’m thinking I’m gonna take the kids’ college fund and double it. I’ll bring ’em along for good luck. While I’m there, I’ll become Godfather to The Wife’s cousin’s new little one. Then I’ll come home, possibly late, late, Sunday night, smelling of money. Toodles!