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“I got your prayer rug, right here, pal.”

Photo: Liturgist-in-Law

Eye candy for the soul

Taken by Liturgist Bro-in-Lo on the camping opportunity-rich family farm on June 25, Feast of St. Adalbert*, Irish missionary to Friesland (northern Netherlands).

*The Ol’ Adalbertster is no doubt responsible for bringing whisky to the Dutch, who proceeded to throw junipers and shit in it, leaving us with something called gin. I know, I know – history says the first gin-soaker in a wooden shoe took place at the residence of Dr. Franciscus Sylvius, a Dutch physician who, incidentally, first popularized for the Hollish William Harvey’s theory of the blood circulating through the body**. But who you going to believe – a people whose economy is based on tulip bulbs, windmills and dykes (both kinds!) or a nation which produces saints, poets and sometimes both at the same time? And besides, the Irish have their own version of everything.

**Good thing, too; he probably knew a thing or two about remedies to gin’s severe pollution damage.

On the other hand, words are only nominally important…

Writer Tom Piatak, one of the last of the true conservatives (although I doubt he’d be proud to bear this appositive at the present time), scores a direct hit on today’s conservativism – how it abetted sodomite marriage and how it’s slow but increasingly accelerated accretion of moral atrophy found its roots in the queering of its vision (pardon the pun).

This passage [of legalized sodomite marriage in New York State] helps explain why the conservative movement has been relatively successful in defending the economic interests of Wall Street billionaires, but an abject failure in conserving much of anything, including a definition of marriage that reflected not only the wisdom of millennia of human thought but what until only recently had been the overwhelming moral consensus of Americans.

Let your lower intestinal complaints begin their slow churn as you read the rest of the obit-in-progress here.

“The stark Manichean meridians…”


More bleeding from the pig pen.

Classic Godsbody

The Last Catholic Shout (including a typically incisive comment by our friend, Cubeland Mystic)

Want more Godsbody? (Click, and keep scrolling down.)

New Movie by the Guy Who Almost Made The Moviegoer into a Movie

Terrence Malick is a filmmaker like no other. If you’ve never seen The Thin Red Line, get it asap and carve out a few leisurely summer hours to savor it. Or don’t. But consider it.

Is Malick still holding an option on The Moviegoer? I hope so. Shoot, does he know about the New Orleans conference?

Anyway, he’s got a new movie out and I’d like to go see it.

McSweeney’s: “… in the style of Walker Percy’s Lost in the Cosmos

Bonus: Also mentions Thomas Merton.

We’re talking Snuggies!

The Seven Storey Mountain swept the country because, though we won’t admit it, all Americans have a deeply repressed desire to be a monk or a nun. Buying a Snuggie is easier than dealing with these feelings. Also, it doesn’t involve moving. Or obeying an abbot.

For Discussion at the Next Meeting of the Swimming With Scapulars NFP Club

Names are more than nominally important…

In the great tradition of the semiotician and diagnostician Dr. Walker Percy, Dr. Gerard Nadal drills down to the bedrock of today’s culture.

Put simply, words matter:

For all of the political drama in New York these past weeks, Friday night’s historic vote in favor of ay marriage by the NYS Senate was actually rather anti-climactic. It was a fight over political and philosophical nomenclature, not over new realities. As the losing side licks its wounds, we should realize that we didn’t lose as much as we think we did last night. We’ve been losing it for decades.

What we call the lived reality that is marriage is important. The name indicates the reality. Nomen est omen, as it is said in latin. “The name is the sign.” What really happened here in New York last night was a recognition that for thirty years we have given the lived reality of marriage to gays and lesbians, by systematically giving them all of the goods and privileges reserved to married people.

There was little, if any, protest as sodomy laws were struck down, when gay/lesbian adoptions were legalized, when partners were entitled to shared employment benefits hitherto reserved for spouses, etc. Society used to reserve these goods for those men and women willing to make a lifetime commitment to one another. What were once rights became entitlements in a nation increasingly debilitated by narcissism and a faux egalitarianism.

We have allowed what was once a brush fire to build to a forest fire that is now raging across the American landscape. Fueling that fire has been the same surrender of marital goods and privileges to cohabiting heterosexuals as well. Add to that no-fault divorce and the all-out war on the greatest of all the goods of marriage:

The abortion of over 53 million babies, because people have been enjoying the sex, but were not prepared mentally, emotionally, or economically to embrace the obvious outcome. Children are the greatest of all the blessings of marriage, yet have been treated as mere accessories by people aping marriage.

The entire heated shaft of steel spiraling into the flinted face of culture’s death-ride can be found here.

Knee: Commence Asskicking Protocol…

Initiate jerking sequence in Three. Two. One.