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Archives for March 2008

Weigel on the upcoming visit of Benedict XVI

“Americans interested in hearing what the pope actually has to say about the United States and its role in the world, and about the deeper issues of world politics, should pay particularly close attention to Benedict’s remarks at the White House welcoming ceremony on April 16 and his address to the U.N. General Assembly on April 18. Far from playing Jeremiah against the Great Satan Bush, Benedict XVI is going to teach the world a lesson about moral reason as the “grammar” by which the world can have a conversation about the world’s future. There are truths built into the world and into us, he will remind Americans and the U.N.; thinking together about those truths is one way to change noise into conversation and incomprehension into dialogue.”


Divine Mercy

So. A word: lest it seem that all we do is sit in courtyards and walk down charming alleyways. My internet connection here is spotty and slow, and so I have a devil of a time posting photos, and videos are out of the question. A good deal of that will probably have to wait until the return. But it will go up.

As for the food: I will indeed be writing about it, though I haven’t done much picture-taking. It’s been hard to find time to write anything extended, but we are taking notes, and will do some thorough posts eventually.

Yesterday was Divine Mercy Sunday. We attended Mass, said by Cardinal Bertone, at Saint Faustina’s Church. It was packed body to body – I could feel every breath of the person in front of me. This painting is in the church. I took video, which will go up later.

Trevi Fountain at Twilight

We got a late start yesterday, what with the Walk of Shame, so after the Villa Borghese, all we had time for was a smattering of churches, the Spanish Steps, and the Fountain before we heard the call of the table…I would say we ate like gods, but the “like” seems to water it down…

Villa Borghese

The short fortune teller who escaped from prison was a small medium at large.

Eucharistic Chapel, Santa Maria in Trastevere

I love how all the rich ornament serves to adorn the relatively crude 7th-century piece above the tabernacle…This was the church we visited while waiting for our room to become available at the Hotel Santa Maria. Also the parish church of Victoria, who gave us much helpful advice…

Walk to Second Hotel, aka The Walk of Shame, aka Tourista in Transit

Second Hotel – View from Window and Front

Courtyard, Hotel Santa Maria