Resolved: In Certain Circumstances, the Church of Your Childhood Forever Colors Your Idea of What A Church Should Look Like.

St. Mary’s, Cortland, NY


  1. Jonathan Webb says

    You're blessed.

  2. Matthew Lickona says

    Yeah. Thanks.

  3. Heh. The church of my childhood was a steel pyramid, and auditorium-style hall. The floor was slanted to give just a sense of stadium seating, and you could see the metal beams on the ceiling, like in a warehouse. So let me amend this: the church of Matthew Lickona's childhood forever colors your idea of what a church should look like.

  4. Next year, Korrektiv does Kristmas in Kortland….


  5. Jonathan Webb says

    Matthew's childhood is all our collective childhoods.

  6. Jonathan Webb says

    Actually, O'Brien told me that while torturing me in the MInistry of Love, or Mini-Love, that Lickona actually exists but that it didn't matter.

    Goldstein doesn't exist though.

  7. This is the church of my childhood (early 70s) and it has indeed colored my idea of what a church should look like throughout my adult life. Alas, most Catholic churches I’ve attended since childhood have not lived up to my memories of the majestic St, Mary’s of my childhood.

    • Early ’70s for me, too – baptized there in ’73. Oh yes, alas – so many buildings failed to measure up in the years that followed. Thanks for stopping by!

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