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There Weren’t Dragons

Thar Be Dragons! gets its due over at OSV – “Just Because It’s Catholic, Doesn’t Mean It’s Good.” It’s a well-written piece by Emily Stimpson, with comments from various folks involved in Catholic media on the sad state of affairs. A snippet:

The list of reasons why Catholic media rarely measures up goes on. There’s the reticence on the part of responsible Christians to make the risky investments that art requires. There’s the shortage of first rate film and communications programs at Catholic universities, the decades of Catholic internecine squabbling which has kept much of the Church’s energies directed inward rather than outward, the distrust of Hollywood and tools of social media, as well as what Vogt and Gan characterize as “false humility” on the part of Catholics.

“It’s easy to fall into the trap of thinking that the Christian message is powerful and compelling enough to stand on its own, that we don’t have to worry about how we present it,” Vogt said.

“The beauty and power of what we have to say can blind us to the importance of the medium,” seconded Gan.

I said what I gotta say over in the comments. Perhaps you should, too? Or just hang out here and let’s make fun of bad movies. In Christian charity, of course.

Oh, fine, here’s what I said: We talk a lot about how to educate and nurture Catholic artists – but not that much about how to educate and nurture Catholic patrons of the arts. The ability to recognize and appreciate Beauty is important whether you are looking for a place to invest your $15 on Kickstarter or drawing up plans to endow a scholarship to film school. I’d be interested to know, in particular, how Catholic universities go about presenting the opportunity to become patrons of the arts to graduates who may not be artistically inclined themselves, but could still help bring about an artistic revival.

Poor Baby

Well now.  Heather King, whose book Shirt of Flame awaits on my e-reader, and whose memoir Redeemed I once had the happy occasion to review, has gone and written about abortion – her own.  I will be reading it this Lent.  Thought I’d mention it here.

Who the hell looks for grace anymore?

Well, in reviving Ibsens’ “Master Builder” for screen, apparently Wallace Shawn and Andre Gregory do, but you have to dig down to the end of the Grey Biddy’s take on it to find it.


At any rate, I’ve never seen the other work this duo has done (I will confidentially reserve my mea culpas for a movie which is literally nothing more than two men talking). Is it the case, though, that if you’re big  (small?) enough in the business you get away with saying things like this:

Mr. Gregory, who will play the infirm old Brovik, an aging employee of Solness’s [in the play], said that if done correctly, the film could be an intimate meditation on finding grace “just as the clock is about to strike midnight.”

“You realize when you get to my age,” said the 77-year-old Mr. Gregory, “that you hopefully will still do some more work. But the last great creative adventure is dying in a positive way.”

h/t Althouse

“… the real-life version of an orphan boy from some kind of dark fairy tale …”

The Millions offers up another perceptive take on Walker Percy’s life and work: Post-40 Bloomers: Walker Percy, The Original Moviegoer

Great Kuestions

The mystic asks in light of the Doyle post below, when will our U.S.A.’s balkanization commence?


I am not. Check this out by Larry Doyle on Huffington Post Comedy site.

It seemed way over the top, and I was thinking about actually Snopeing this, but dug deeper on HuffPost, and found something like an explanation and claiming satire. I guess he got duffied, and is defiantly asserting his intent. Basically he is explaining the joke rather than apologizing.

This is the explanation here.

(He probably hates Tolkien too.)
(NOTE: Please note the use of our new word in a sentence, “he got duffied”)

What If . . .

. . . you grew up in a Flannery O’Connor story?

Silence 2013

Looking forward to the movie. Already I can imagine the cinematography.

Sign of Contradiction and God’s “silence” are big topics for me. I wish that I had time for a much deeper dive.

Inter: Ference

I seem to be running into Ference a lot.


BTW: The Franciscan Sister who threw the Boss into the trashcan was Sister Martina, who by the time I attended was principal of St. Rose. And, yes, she was all that. Fearfully wrought and simmering with equal parts love of God and Dies Irae…

The priest who allegedly knocked the Boss down while serving Mass could very well have been Monsignor (then-Father) Thomas Coffey, who retired from active ministry in 1990. I too served under him, a meaty Irish priest with an inscrutible depth of reserve – even for a descendant of Hibernia… It is this which makes me wonder either a) what Mr. Springsteen could have done to warrant arousing the emotions of Msgr. Coffey or b) perhaps it was not Msgr. Coffey at all, but some anonymous assistant pastor.

BTB: Note that DT is under new management and y’all could do worse than subscribe to the magazine if you haven’t already. Lots of good stuff in this issue, which is, as always, a gorgeous gift to the eyes, the ears and the mind…

Also, the new look to the website – what can I say? It’s built for speed…!


“If anyone should have killed himself, it should have been Walker Percy.”

h/t CMR