Advent, the Fifth Day: Bowmore (12 Year Old)


prae confusione sonitus maris, et fluctuum

The sunny stills of Lochindaal, engaging
In darker waters, watched for Nazi wolves
That prowled the ocean’s lanes by camouflaging
Whatever warfare’s japing code involves.
With Hitler dead, Japan lays claim to Bowmore –
To let Suntory Holdings rise and grow more
Indebted by its gift. This Advent day’s
The fifth to sound such depths: we toast Islay’s
Apostle years – a barreled twelve forsaken
To set the charge and detonate the cask
Of smoky fire that, bottled, waits to ask
The corporate world: Does love of gain awaken
What seeks to plant, to build, to buy and sell –
And tender heaven in a fetid stall?