Homo Symbolicus

“O pomo che maturo
solo prodotto fosti, o padre antico…”
– Paradiso, XXVI, 91-92

When Adam found his voice, the wilderness
Was ready: “Washed in meaning made complete
By Eden’s living stream, what names confess
Our roots commune in fruitful vine and wheat…”

Confirmed in nature, called by name, each word
Collects the truth as branches bearing fruit.
Our father, first in faith and doubt, had heard
And seen the ripe and raw, the soft and brute –

The babbling minaret’s catastrophe
Ordained his words to plant in thorns – he reaped
The wind, though not alone, since unity
Betrothed distinctions love alone has kept

Since Adam’s tongue anointed everything
With rites that verbalized the wilderness –
Each blade and leaf, each paw and fin and wing
That Adam’s ripened apple strained to bless.