Advent, the Thirteenth Day: Paul John, Edited


…et magnificate eum omnes populi.

In India, the morning shimmers saffron –
The noon, and after, heats the henna’s hue;
Its evening’s curried sun, a wrinkled chevron,
Evaporates the Raj – and edits blue
From sea and sky. So Sanjay casks his Paul John
In liquid time that magnifies these thirteen
Diurnal turns of tongue – and Advent’s days
Affirm this foreign concept. Flavor plays
With prejudice, and morning, noon and evening
Condense their essence: fluid amber, smooth
And smoked with cinnamon. The air we breathe
Imbibes its ounce of light – much like believing
Will find its birth in humble origin:
For even Shiva cannot hold the sun.