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Soundtrack: Pulp Fiction – various/The Good the Bad & Ugly – Ennio Morricone/ Drunkard’s Prayer – Over the Rhine/The Alman Brothers: Live at the Filmore/Blood on the Tracks – Yep./The Fox Confessor Brings the Flood – NC/The Trumpet Child – OtR/Easy Pieces – Lloyd Cole and the Commotions

Fossil Fuel: Barley, hops and rye

Favorite Moment: Outside on the porch adorned by wife’s dead winter vegetation, the Great Pyrenees barking, nicotine making its wonderful way through the vessels, I raise a bottle (Schlitz) to the efforvescent vehicle of the local constable washing by in full freak of color and sound in pursuit of one who thought the night was right for holding foot on the accelerator like it was the Holy G-spot, the full moon in stoic poise, flirting with the treeline, close and above it all, sniffing at the strands of clouds running across its diamter, its fans.

Worst Moment: Running out of Dixie beer

Webb Moment: If you’re a liberal, you only put a cigarette behind your ear because the government is about to force you to smoke dope; if you’re a conservative, it’s because you got a bottle in the one hand and economic leverage in the other.  

Potter Moment: Finding and summarily forgetting the perfect rhyme for orange.

Ex Pat Moment: Ars gratia disgustibus.

Lickona Moment: Having the throat make that lame click after the wine runs out.

Quinn Moment: Giggling silly at the thought of Dylan riffing on “Ille, mi par esse, deo videtur…”.

Walker Percy Moment: “Loose bark from the pine is beginning to work through my shirt. My scalp is still quilted, my throat is whistling with hives — albumen molecules from the gin fizzes hum like bees in the ventricles of my brain — yet I feel quite well.”

Joseph Mitchell Moment: “If you smirk enough you can get away with practically anything in a New York newspaper, and once it is understood that Sex is to be treated coyly or as a melodrama, one of the most amusing classes of people to interview are naked people — nudists, strip tease girls, models, dancers who believe to be artistic you just start unbuttoning.”

Best Line of the Night: “How can people not know what beauty this is…”.

Worst Line of the Night: “Beer makes me sleepy.”.

Last Word: JOB was here…

From the YouTube Music Video Archives: From the Indies to the Andes in his Undies

While trying to get the lowdown on Fair Use laws, I came across this old gem from the Hoosier Hot Shots. As is typical of the music videos genre, there’s a fair amount of debauchery in this epic of Otto Zilch. So consider yourself warned.

From the Indies to the Andes, What a mission! / Stopping only now and then to do some fishin’ / And he went without a copyright permission / Was a very daring thing to do