We Interrupt This Breathtakingly Beautiful and Annoyingly Idyllic Trip to Rome To Bring You… (NO, NOT ROME…)

…the latest casualty of the Iraq War: Jessica Queller’s breasts. Because an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of flesh. Or something. (Little known fact: The likelihood of Saddam Hussein developing WMDs from that great big nuclear stockpile of his was figured at 85.9 percent. So it actually makes perfect sense that Jessica declared war on her boobs.)

Anybody watch Felicity? Gilmore Girls? Gossip Girl? Are these shows as aborticontraceptively insane as their writer/producer? Is life imitating art imitating life here? (I’d catch up with iTunes, but I’m not getting paid for this.)

P.S.: Come to the farm. Soon. (For one thing, The Hollywood Farmer has a few seats to fill in the writers’ room.)

(Now semi-bi-locating–if that’s not a double-negative–at THF.)