“Art is not made to decorate rooms.  It is an offensive weapon in the defense against the enemy.” — Picasso

Writing Desk

No room to write…

Taken from above, to hide the depth of the piles on the floor…

Today in Porn: HUMP! 2010 Edition

 Submit! HUMP! 2010 by Dan Savage – Features – The Stranger, Seattle’s Only Newspaper 

Maybe something involving colorful condoms?

For Visual Excitement

Surely there is a short story here….

What Is Your Personality Type?

Take the test and find out.

Dialectics for Assholes

Thesis:  I am an asshole.

Antithesis:  You are an asshole.

Synthesis:  We are both assholes.

Public Art




bff inri

best friends forever

Jesus of nazareth, king of the jews

Easter gift from Tink McCain, age 6

The End of Books

… and I feel fine.

What I Saw in Louisiana

St. Joseph Abbey, where Walker Percy’s bones reside, is adorned with the striking murals of Gregory de Wit, including this image of the resurrection. The two figures beneath Christ represent Adam and Eve. I like to think of the bones as Percy’s (at a time near the end of the world) and the peacock as the emblem of Flannery O’Connor. The latin superscription reads, Vivemus cum Christo (We will live with Christ), in answer to the baptism image that faces it on the other side of the church entrance and reads, Mortui sumus cum Christo (We are dead with Christ).

Walker Percy


Percy Pilgrims

Matthew Lickona and Quin Finnegan with Br. Jude at Walker Percy’s grave.


The Walker Percy Center is born.

Bourbon St.

Just past this scene: “Live Girl on Girl Action”

Korrektiv Summit: New Orleans

Waiting outside Preservation Hall

Korrektiv Summit: New Orleans

Rufus and Quin grab some cajun wings at the hotel bar upon arriving in the big easy.

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