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“Art is not made to decorate rooms.  It is an offensive weapon in the defense against the enemy.” — Picasso

Writing Desk

No room to write…

Taken from above, to hide the depth of the piles on the floor…

Today in Porn: HUMP! 2010 Edition

 Submit! HUMP! 2010 by Dan Savage – Features – The Stranger, Seattle’s Only Newspaper 

Maybe something involving colorful condoms?

For Visual Excitement

Surely there is a short story here….

What Is Your Personality Type?

Take the test and find out.

Dialectics for Assholes

Thesis:  I am an asshole.

Antithesis:  You are an asshole.

Synthesis:  We are both assholes.

Public Art




bff inri

best friends forever

Jesus of nazareth, king of the jews

Easter gift from Tink McCain, age 6

The End of Books

… and I feel fine.