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Unconscionable Non-Crediting


Ms. Thomas said that she hadn’t spoken about conscious uncoupling directly with Dr. Sami or Dr. Sadeghi, but that he used to be her holistic doctor and that he texts her about every three months or so to say, “He loves what I’m doing.” She added her book is “prominently displayed on the coffee tables in their waiting rooms.”

Ms. Thomas sent him a text after she saw the letter on Goop, she said. “I was trying to tell him in a friendly way that it doesn’t bode well for him that he didn’t credit me. That we as professionals and teachers, we take care of each other, we are very respectful of each other’s products and our creations.”

Comment fun time: Create your own euphemism in the hopes that it may one day be appropriated by a holistic doctor to the stars, which would allow us to file suit, so as to amass funds to be used towards sprucing up the break room and maybe getting a couple of company cars.