Burning My Fire in the Sun

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cf. House of Words, p. 44

River Ghosts

River Ghosts from 50 Hour Slam on Vimeo.

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Not a Cartoon Moose

Not a Cartoon Moose from 50 Hour Slam on Vimeo.

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Whispers of the River Ghost

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Video Version

I memorized a poem!

The End of the Twentieth Century

As performed at the Legion of Doom headquarters in Spokane, Wash., February 17, 2012.


House of Words and The Twelve Houses

House of Words Deleted Scenes: “Shakespeare’s Inferno”

Shakespeare’s Inferno

One day Shakespeare lost a sonnet full
Of metaphors made out of leather and dye
Writ in blood on a graveyard skull
Before his pen and ink and mind ran dry.
The time I wrote a poem to you, you saved
It as a monument to incinerate
Your dreams in the fire of while you paved
A sacred cow path through a narrow gate.
Now the sounds of slaughter filter down
From the ivory tower to the silver mine
To where you stand in blood-stained cap and gown
In line at the cafeteria where devils dine.
You wander halls and corridors like Cain,
Cradling your pound of flesh exchanged for pain.

House of Words Deleted Scenes: “e.e.”


one snowdrop

falls and the
mountain trembles

one rainflake

sings and
shatters the mold.

one roughfaced

man(with the
child’s eyes)

builds a

sunbeam out
of laughter

writes a

poem with
the sky

House of Words Deleted Scenes: “Short Story”

Short Story

Your turn of that page
has opened a drawer.
My home. I am his underwear.

He’ll always show you
the contents of his drawers
but never what he’s wearing.

He’s that kind of fellow.
But I’ll give you a clue:
I am his only pair of boxers.

To put it briefly,
he suffers a shortage.
Why only one of me?

Why only one day
of freedom per week
when he could have seven?

That is the question
I once heard
his girlfriend ask.

He replied like Robert Frost
that a little freedom
is almost too much

and went home and
put on briefs.
Short changed.

House of Words Deleted Scenes: Limerick #12

There once was a house made of words.
Inside lived some humans and birds.
Laid out in the cage
Was a newspaper page
Where the words merged with feathers and turds.

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The River

The extended Bonus Feature edition of a poem from House of Words.