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Selfie alert II

Cathedral of Our Lady of the Angels - alabaster lantern - afternoon

Dinner with Waifu (嫁との晩餐)

Flannery O'Connor Dinner

Supping with the beloved on an important anniversary.

“The once-dignified portrait now resembles a crayon sketch of a very hairy monkey in an ill-fitting tunic…”

Her predicament reminds me of this.

Because We Kare


Not just any old hick…

…but a reefined hick – enjoying his caucasians in the sophisticated new stemware that got dropped off by the UPS guy yesterday.


Therapy Pool


Croquet with Finnigan

So, this happened:

Roquetin' the Wickets

Expat and Finnigan: Warmest of friends over coffee, deadliest of enemies on the croquet…field? Court? Mallet zone?

I can report with total candor that Our Friend Ellen is perfectly charming and dazzled three generations of my family. Word on the street is that Athens, Georgia is all the richer for her having moved there. Feels like we have planted the seeds of Gerasene 2013.