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“The word ‘Korrektiv’ is taken from the Dutch philosopher Soren Kierkegaard, who wantd to provide what he called a ‘korrektiv’ to the German secular philosophy of his day. The Korrektiv Press “started as a group blog between a few converts to Catholicism who shared an interest in Kierkegaard and Walker Percy,” Lickona said. Members of the Korrektiv “discuss projects, we read and edit each others’ work, and in some cases, we collaborate,” Lickona said.

So far, the group has published a book of poetry called House of Words by Jonathan Potter, a novel called Birds Nest in Your Hair by Brian Jobe, and Surfing with Mel. Also in the Korrektiv pipeline [is] the story of the Great Seattle Fire told in Pushkin sonnets and a collection of short stories based on ancillary characters in the works of Walker Percy.”

– “Mel Gibson Becomes a Character in ‘Korrektiv’ Catholic Fiction,” by Cyril Jones-Kellett, The Southern Cross [diocesan newspaper for San Diego], April, 2013.

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Added a few links on the sidebar: Good Country People, Labora/Editions, Signposts in a Strange Land. No, seriously, check them out.

And can we all please give a round of applause to sitemistress extraordinaire Dorian Speed of Up to Speed, who took time out of her ridiculously busy schedule to embiggen our Mitsui avatars? Thanks.

More soon! How are everybody’s projects? Gaga Confidential slouches toward publication. The sketches should be good.

Life slips by.


Somewhere between that Grape Nehi and that glass of Jack Daniels, Walker Percy managed to write five novels, several volumes of nonfiction, and a mess of other stuff. You all should be able to manage a paper proposal in the next week. Rally, Korrektiv, rally!

The bishop of the most heavily Catholic town in the U.S. reads Korrektiv?

Apparently so, although soon no doubt there will be the usual retractions and damage control.

New York Times

The bishop of the most heavily Catholic town in the U.S. reads Korrektiv?

The bishop of the most heavily Catholic town in the U.S. reads Korrektiv?

So that’s what happened to Rufus.


[Image found on Terry Richardson’s frequently NSFW tumblr. Research!]

Casting Korrektiv, Part 2

The Darwins:


The Duffer (on the left):


Not-Ted (just kidding!):


Cubeland Mystic:


Ironic Catholic:

Screen Shot 2013-01-05 at 8.43.09 AM

Casting Korrektiv

Jonathan Potter and Matthew Lickona

Jonathan Potter and Matthew Lickona

Angelico Nguyen and JOB

Angelico Nguyen and JOB

Southern Expat

Southern Expat

Quin Finnegan

Quin Finnegan

Jonathan Webb

Jonathan Webb

‘… on the sand, / Half sunk, a shattered flattered visage lies …’

At the very end of Lent 2012, the six members of the Korrektiv Kollektiv received, as a gift from Matthew Lickona, cartoon portraits from the pen of the wonderful Daniel Mitsui. What Mitsui memorialized in those small and startling figures, with unobtrusive allusiveness and an unsettling but corrective touch of the grotesque that exemplified the Korrektiv ethos of the classic period, was a golden age: a flowering, a ripening, the sun at zenith.

But flowers fade; ripeness turns to rot; light declines toward a slow, final failure; and shadows lengthen and coalesce unto the great shade, Night, who is herself the shadow of Death.

You couldn’t have noticed all that fading, rotting, and declining, though, since none of it showed on the surface — until November 1. On that day — All Saints’ Day (bitter irony!) —  a mistake was made.

Now, at the beginning of Advent 2012, Mr Lickona has once again hired Daniel Mitsui — not to memorialize glory this time, but folly.

Fittingly so: Our Faith teaches that wrongs can be not merely prevented, not merely undone, but actually redeemed. And this is true.

For example: Though my addition to this blog’s roster may be a loss for you, the reader (not to mention the dragging-down it entails for Jonathans Potter and Webb, Mr Finnegan, Mr Lickona, Mr JOB, and Ms Expat), I get a brilliant Mitsui portrait:

Enigmatic, spooky, funny, and a good likeness to boot, though enough obscured to provide a useful degree of plausible deniability. I could hardly be happier with it. If only it had not come at such awful cost to you, dear friends.

Thank you for the picture, Mr Mitsui. Thank you for the present, Mr Lickona.

Thank you (in advance) for forbearing to sting, scorpion.

Open Hand, Closed Fist

Consider the relevance of this:

… another traditional medieval and Renaissance piece of iconography: the open hand of rhetoric versus the closed fist of logic. The open hand and closed fist is a dual metaphor about the presentation of material, either as the hard, aggressive, and unapproachable fist of logic, or the gentler, welcoming, and open hand of rhetorical. The first threatens, the second offers aid and gifts. — From “The Iconography of Rhetoric” by Terri Palmer

… when examining this image by Daniel Mitsui:

I’d like to think this “dual metaphor about the presentation of material” cleverly touches on Korrektiv’s core modus operandi.

Furthermore, there’s the Blemmyes reference, which I admit bothers me a little. Is Mitsui poking a little fun here? Yes, I think so, and that’s all right. But I also incline towards a more sympathetic interpretation: “Sometimes I feel like a naught, sometimes I don’t.” In the Blemmyes, Mitsui hit on a pretty good image for that sentiment. Brainless, or all brain, or, better yet, a unity of heart and brain.

An overdue thank you to Mr. Mitsui.

Hipster Catholics, blogging at a time near the end of the world.

I don’t know who this Angelico character is, but has anyone noticed that his little intro line changes on a regular basis? Here’s his latest:

Fantastic. Surfing with Mel isn’t a commercial failure. It’s an underground smash.


Comment from the St Martin de Porres post:

lickona says:

Already the Dominican creep begins here at the traditionally Benedictine Korrektiv. (Really, things started to go downhill when they let a guy in who wore the mark of a Carmelite.)

For what it’s worth:

St Benedict medal,

suspended from

Carmelite scapular,

suspended from

Dominican neck.

I need all the help I can get.

Seven of Seven

… or Up from the Comments.

Angelico is on board. Here’s how it went down.

My dear Mr. Nguyen,

I’ve talked it over with my Korrektiv brethren and sister(en?) and we’re all in agreement that you is one of us.

Can we make it official and add you to the Kollektiv, give you a spot on the blog, have Mitsui do you up an avatar?

Six is an evil number, we need you to make us seven so we can go to heaven.

What say you?


My dear Mr Potter,

Blessed be God.

My gratitude to you Six, and to the good Lord, for this unexpected honor is matched only by my sorrow at the decline in standards it evinces.

But churlish second-guessing and cowardly refusal are training for that despair which is blasphemy against the Spirit — and I’ll be damned if I train for that. If yall think the shoe fits, I shall wear it, and proudly.

Please convey my immense gratitude to anyone who put in a good word for me. Thank you yourself. The Korrektiv is a wonderful place, project, and group; thank you for starting it and keeping it going.

There must still be some details to work out, no? Please forward any contracts and other paperwork at earliest convenience; I can set up a blood test and fingerprinting session ASAP.

But to answer your question, however provisionally: yes I said yes I will yes yes yes

Yr sv’t,

And so we welcome Angelico!

We thought he’d have the good sense to decline our offer, but he surprized us.

And so begins a new and brighter era for Korrektiv Press.

Stay tuned for magnificence.


Pour one out…

…we just went back down to 139 Facebook fans.

I blame Surfing with Mel.

New from Korrektiv Press: Surfing with Mel

So there’s this.

And of course, it all started here.

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Gerasene: Still the ONLY Writer’s Conference Featuring Target Practice with an 8mm Mauser



Gerasene ’12

Well, that happened.