Sanctus Martinus de Porres

St Martin de Porres
Fr Thomas McGlynn, OP, 1958, bronze
(Photo: Smithsonian Art Inventories Catalog)

Today is the feast of St Martin de Porres — a lay brother of the Order of Preachers whom we remember for his ardent piety, charity, and humility (an exemplar of the Little Way before-the-letter), for miraculous prodigies and healings, for the austerity of his life. Martin’s job in the Dominican community, as I understand it, was to attend to practical tasks like housekeeping, or caring for the sick, so that the friars could focus on preaching, with all the preparatory study and reflection — the impractical, Pieperish tasks — that entailed. So, we remember this Dominican for just about everything that makes for saintliness, short of martyrdom and other than… preaching.

‘Always distinguish’, say the philosophers, rightly. Preaching, in the most distinct sense of the word, itself requires the use of words — the combination and proclamation of words to evangelize. But in a second, less-distinct sense (itself distinct nevertheless from the first!), preaching is a catchall synonym for evangelization — and under that broad definition, the edifying acts and facts of St Martin’s life do indeed preach.

The visual arts, too, may, in the broad sense, preach. It is fitting that a painter, like Fra Angelico, should be a member of the Order of Preachers. It is likewise fitting that St Martin should have been sculpted by his much-younger brother in the Order, Thomas McGlynn, a twentieth-century friar.

I know nothing of Fr Thomas McGlynn, OP, beyond what art historian Fr Ambrose McAllister, OP, preached in a homily that Fr Pius Pietrzyk, Esq.[!], OP has posted at the website of the Dominican Eastern Province. Dealing as it does with art and evangelization, Fr McAllister’s homily on the saint and the sculptor may be of interest to the readership.

But even the best preaching is not, qua preaching, its own end. St Martin’s much-elder brother in the Order, St Thomas Aquinas, famously declared after a late-in-life mystical experience that all his own writings — all those monumental volumes upon volumes in service of the Gospel — were as ‘straw’.

St Martin de Porres, detail
(Photo: Smithsonian Art Inventories Catalog)

Solecism Safari (2012.11.03)

Set aside the merits or demerits of the ballot initiative here advertised: Something is gravely wrong with this billboard.

Fifty (50) Korrektiv RewardsTM points to the first Kommenter who pinpoints the problem!

(SVILUPPO: We have a winner — but the conversation continues.)

Korrektiv, Korrektiv

Korrektiv, Korrektiv,
I’m saved — once for all!

The higher you fly, friend,
The harder you’ll fall.

Korrektiv, Korrektiv,
I’ve sinned — now I’m doomed!

Despair’s still more sinful
Than mercy presumed.

Korrektiv, Korrektiv,
Is there more than one path?

There are two. God’s is narrower.
You do the math.

Korrektiv, Korrektiv,
Why so muddled and gray?

Our planet hangs halfway
Twixt nighttime and day.

Korrektiv, Korrektiv,
Why so black-and-white stark?

Because gray is made up
Of true light and true dark.

Korrektiv, Korrektiv,
Do you preach the Good News?

We do, on occasion,
Drop hints — to some clues —

Seven of Seven

… or Up from the Comments.

Angelico is on board. Here’s how it went down.

My dear Mr. Nguyen,

I’ve talked it over with my Korrektiv brethren and sister(en?) and we’re all in agreement that you is one of us.

Can we make it official and add you to the Kollektiv, give you a spot on the blog, have Mitsui do you up an avatar?

Six is an evil number, we need you to make us seven so we can go to heaven.

What say you?


My dear Mr Potter,

Blessed be God.

My gratitude to you Six, and to the good Lord, for this unexpected honor is matched only by my sorrow at the decline in standards it evinces.

But churlish second-guessing and cowardly refusal are training for that despair which is blasphemy against the Spirit — and I’ll be damned if I train for that. If yall think the shoe fits, I shall wear it, and proudly.

Please convey my immense gratitude to anyone who put in a good word for me. Thank you yourself. The Korrektiv is a wonderful place, project, and group; thank you for starting it and keeping it going.

There must still be some details to work out, no? Please forward any contracts and other paperwork at earliest convenience; I can set up a blood test and fingerprinting session ASAP.

But to answer your question, however provisionally: yes I said yes I will yes yes yes

Yr sv’t,

And so we welcome Angelico!

We thought he’d have the good sense to decline our offer, but he surprized us.

And so begins a new and brighter era for Korrektiv Press.

Stay tuned for magnificence.