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Driving home from the screening of The Counselor last night (ooofgoseeit), I found myself driving through a trail of pages. Not a cloud as in the clip above – just one, two, maybe five at a time, strung out over the course of a couple of miles of interstate. I thought about pulling onto the shoulder and picking one up, just to see. The thought made my heart break a little, and I kept driving.

Let’s get some good work done for Gerasene ’14.

Stuff Covered in Snow, Part V: Doppled (Things)


Incidentally, this gets its name from this and is home to this.

Russian Roulette

A follow-up to Cars Kill:

“Psychopaths are abundant on Russian roads.”

Idea for a novel: The Brothers Karamazov re-imagined as a modern Russian road-trip narrative.

Starring Mel Gibson in the film adaptation.

Cars Kill

Warning: Do NOT watch this if you’re squeamish about video footage of real people dying in bad ways. Remember to slow down when you’re out on the road this holiday season.

Fear God


Parked outside the county courthouse in Spokane.

Ja Kool

People may be asking (or maybe they aren’t), Why doesn’t that guy put up more posts? Well, what happened is that I started working on another essay and presentation on the way Walker Percy used the work of so called existential philosophers in his novels, this time Kierkegaard. Naturally, I moved to Copenhagen to do research at the Søren Kierkegaard Research Centre Foundation (FSKC).

And naturally, I drive a bus to support my independent scholarly activities. Yes, I grew a mustache.

No! Not THAT O’Brien…


                                               The shadows
of buildings fill the street

like lovers lying back onto sheets, woes

…but Jeb O’Brian, the soon-to-be famous poet/novelist who appears beside a bumper crop of shining lights in the newest installment of Dappled Things. Step right up, step right up….

Your Move, Hummer

Today in Lent

Nothing like a State-enforced Lenten Resolution to kill a guy’s buzz….

The real shame of it was he didn’t get to finish the other four!

What is the definition of a traction tire?

 WSDOT – Frequently Asked Questions for Winter Driving