Mr. Jobe, Call Your Editor

I’m ready to dish out the first hundred pages of the final edits of BNIYH. Mr. Webb, start warming up the presses. Call the roller of big cigars, etc.

Idea For a Children’s Book

From Webb:

An Idea For a Children’s Book I’ll Never Write: Pinnochio isn’t made of wood, but, he is a real child who yearns to turn others into wood. At some point in this crusade he notices that he is, in fact, becoming a wooden puppet.

Idea for a Novel I’ll Never Write

From Webb:

A young man in prison, somebody’s Bitch, rises to become supreme potentate of the world. Under his inspiration a cult arises which has as its sacrament the act of imprisoning oneself and others. People would wear little cages around their necks and no one would be satisfied until all the earth had been conformed to a prison and we were all inmates.

So Many With So Little To Say

From Webb:

In the present age we have more sources of information than ever and never has there been less information worth knowing. We can communicate with each other more efficiently than ever, never have there been so many with so little to say. True ignorance, Socratic or otherwise, would be a revelation. That’s why the next great prophet will be a Nascar Hillbilly, inbred, playing banjo on the porch and married to his sister.