In Pentameters of Rain by Mark Anderson

In the city of Sandness everyone is a poet and everything is poetry …

Terminal Goals by Mark Anderson

Check out Korrektiv poet Mark Anderson’s short story chapbook, Terminal Goals, just out from Bottlecap Press!

In Terminal Goals, Mark Anderson imagines a near term future in which humanity creates human level A.I. and puts it immediately to use indulging in their wildest, most abusive fantasies. Through three distinct viewpoints, the story examines people and their creations caught in cycles of abuse.

The science fiction / horror triptych opens with “Three Weeks Before the Machine Rebellion,” told through a hyperbolic advertisement for HappyCorp Cruise Line. At this luxury cruise guests can wake up to the calming waves of the ocean and go down to the cafe where they are encouraged to abuse their robotic servers.

The story progresses with “Messenger Disconnected” which follows the call logs of an engaged couple, Walt and Sabrina, while Walt takes the aformentioned cruise. Over the course of the week the conversations degrade until the couple is no longer speaking the same language.

This leads to the concluding voice in “My Name is Guest Service,” which follows the A.I. system created for the cruise line in its attempt to find its creator and discover its terminal goal: the programmed-in reason for its existence. Nobody ends up happy in this exploration of the ultimate power of language, especially humanity. And at HappyCorp Cruiselines, if you’re not happy, nobody is.

Doctrine of the Immaterial by Mark Anderson

More new fiction by Korrektiv poet Mark Anderson. Check out “Doctrine of the Immaterial” at Bone Parade!

“I pulled the kettle from the stove before it boiled to a whistle, and I lurched down to the basement as silently as my creaking bones would allow….”

Kierkegaard Played by Brad Pitt

Jopomojo Season 1 Finale


Speaking of the San Diego Reader …

Check out what our old pal Joseph O’Brien’s been up to!

Lickona on the state of the San Diego theater scene

Korrektiv author Matthew Lickona keeps chugging along at the San Diego Reader! Here are his contributions to the recent Music & Arts issue. (Click on the link and scroll down.)

The Last Conversation in the Universe by Mark Anderson

Mark L. Anderson’s far far future story, “The Last Conversation in the Universe,” appears in the new anthology, Existential Hologram, just out from Starry Eyed Press!

Poem About Meeting Walker Percy

The Jopomojo Poetry Podcast

Three minutes or so of Potter poesy per day, selected from

House of Words, Tulips for Elsie, and Sunrise Hexagrams

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Q. Who is Binx Bolling’s favorite poet?

A. Edna St. Vincent Malaise

Political Jumbo-Mumbo

the obligatory limerick

Jon Webb on his birthday was wont
To publish his life’s work in a font
Of angelic shape
Laid out by an ape
As a sort of Gutenbergian taunt 

Potter Reading/Slideshow at Auntie’s

3 Minute Mic featuring Jonathan Potter

FRIDAY, JANUARY 6, 2023, 7 PM – 8 PM

Auntie’s Bookstore

Auntie’s first Friday poetry open mic features Jonathan Potter, author of “Sunrise Hexagrams.” Open mic readers may share up to 3 minutes’ worth of poetry. Open to all ages. Free admission.

Sunrise Hexagrams reader feedback

“Beautiful publishing and content … I am diving in and finding each page drawing me to the next one.”

“I find myself studying the photograph and getting my own impression, then seeing what you wrote… enjoying it.”

More here

Sunrise Hexagrams dedications explained

Scarecrow Oracle at Auntie’s

Korrektiv Press poet Mark Anderson at Auntie’s Books in Spokane, Washington, along with fellow authors Karen Mobley and Shawn Vestal.

Mark and other Spokane-area writers were on hand at Auntie’s to promote Small Business Saturday.

Don’t Know Nothing but Rolling