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Above the trees, the sky is bright

Potter on Sabbatical

Taking the Ball and Running with It

Cyrano Like

Potter Interview

Lickona Young & Old

Read: nobody reads any more, but here’s a once-famous guy whose life — hard-drinking, hard-loving, full of shooting and explosions, capped off with pills, depression, electroshock therapy, and suicide — makes for good TV.

Potter Young and Old

one sweet moment’s flagrant mystery

The Writer’s Almanac, July 22, 2021

Coincidentally the same title

as a Bob Dylan song you might have heard

Pre-Plague London

Brian Jobe Hiding Out on Twitter

The Bed

Kierkegaard, Potter, Keillor, and Frost

My Pronouns

My pronouns are he, him, and his
Because I’m in the sperm-making biz
Or at least I was
Till I met Dr. Buzz
And now all I’ve got is plain jiz.

But the I and the Thou are the ones
That make me wanna shoot off my guns
For the love of Buber
When I’m catching an Uber
And hitting the driver with puns.


When I asked GK for a blurb
I worried that I might disturb
The genius at work—
But he didn’t shirk
Providing a blurb so superb.

And then there’s that Jonathan J.
Whose blurb lit some fire to my hay
For a great conflagration
Of sweet adulation
And mythmaking making the day.

Now Ms. Wright can blurb with the best
And her blurb came last but impressed
With fantastic words
That gave flight to birds
From a Petrarchan palimpsest nest.

If I Could Fly on TWA

Inchoate riposte