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Jonathan Potter — author of House of WordsTulips for Elsie, and Sunrise Hexagrams — gets up at sunrise, takes a photo, and writes a short poem about it nearly every morning. Other poems and songs also issue forth from Potter’s pen and are posted in process to the Potter Poems Substack newsletter. 

For about the cost of a latte each month, you can support this effort. ($5/mo or $50/yr)

Unlike many websites and online publications, Substack newsletters occur within a media ecosystem that does not rely on advertising or manipulative algorithms in the dissemination of content. Instead, you pay a small subscription fee to access the material you find valuable and establish a direct, interactive relationship with trusted content creators like Jonathan.

New paid subscribers to Potter Poems receive, gratis, a signed physical copy of Tulips for Elsie, the collection Garrison Keillor called “a bold adventurous book with plenty of sharp turns at high speed.”

For $500 you can become a Founding Member and receive signed copies of all current and future books by Jonathan as well as a sonnet written according to your specifications for you or someone you love.

Other perks, surprises, and bonus material will occur as they spring forth from the mind of Potter.

You can also just subscribe for free and see how you like it. That’s fine, too.

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