Sig Line

Martin Buber
Pronouns: I, thou


  1. Big Jon Bully says

    Ranks with the best of Pound.

  2. Symbolodic or, What’s a Metaphor For?

    Let the Blue Dollar’s wing
    Free both symbol and thing
    From birdlime’s I and It.

    And let a Seaburg sing
    What the Seabird can bring
    To help the self admit.

  3. Louisa Orrock says

    I think when I started to look at the purple book not so long ago – has it been nicked or is it packed away – I thought it sounded more right wing than one would imagine from what I thought was a Kantian distinction between thou and it, I thought it was. I didn’t realise I had packed mine away but maybe I have. Thou I suppose is familiar and disrespectful.

  4. Louisa Orrock says

    I may have thought it too purple for the bookshelves in the small living room.

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