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Happy Boxing Day


  1. Big Jon Bully says:

    That painting is on loan, by the way.

    Happy New Year.

  2. Big Jon Bully says:

    Look forward to it, thanks.

  3. Louise Orrock says:

    That’s a picture where the lady’s face looks slashed.

    I have my own problems because I lost hearing in one ear in my hotel, I assume because of the noise from inside the radiators, which occurs every hour or so in this room as well whether or not I have the radiator turned on. Mostly the heating is not on and I have all my outside clothes on in the room but it’s still difficult to stay awake or do anything. But the hotel’s half price.

  4. Louise Orrock says:

    On the other hand the air is less cold than it can be at home in my flat at night but there are no warm spots during the day as there are there. I am fairly sure there is a narrative – a word that might be popular with the better educated of them – where I am at the end tossed onto a bed in the street.

  5. Louise Orrock says:

    By coincidence I poked a microscope lightly into my eye today – were they ‘hexing’?

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