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Hello sophomore, my old slump…

So as I dig into Entry Two of Lives of Famous Catholics, I realize that I’m basically re-doing Entry One. A story about a film director (Guillermo Del Toro) pursuing a passion project (At the Mountains of Madness) that never gets made but nevertheless reveals something about his spiritual state, told from the perspective of a collaborator on the project (an illustrator). For that matter, Gaga Confidential also treats a failed artistic effort (The Secret Show), only it’s told from the perspective of an embittered fan who uncovers a link to a collaborator on the project (H.R. Giger).

I keep thinking back to the line from the opening to Donna Tartt’s The Secret History: “I suppose at one time in my life, I might have had any number of stories, but now there is no other. This is the only story I will ever be able to tell.” Heh.


  1. Throw an intense guy with bipolar disorder and a fixation on white sperm whales into the mix and no one will ever notice…

    (Double Heh)


    • Broderick Barker says:

      Quiet, you. Though of course, since At the Mountains of Madness is set in Antarctica, I’ve been thinking about whiteness and whales…

  2. Louise Orrock says:

    That was also a good video with the person standing in the door.

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