Brawl in Cell Block 99

This wasn’t a very good movie, which I suspected would be the case because Bone Tomahawk, director S. Craig Zahler’s first film, wasn’t an especially good movie either. But it was fun to watch, was indeed a pleasure with a full plate of nachos and three glasses of rye, since when it comes to accruing my guilt, I like to do it all at once. I’m also a fan of Vince Vaughn, who looks like he stayed off the nachos and whiskey while making this movie.


  1. Big Jon Bully says

    Looks pretty good, although I think I’d need a belly full of rye to enjoy it as well.

    Like Johnson’s mustache. They should be coming back soon.

    Thanks, Quin.

  2. Well hello there, Mr. Film Critic!

    • Quin Finnegan says

      Well … I’ll going to try to play one on this blog, anyway.

      Here’s the deal:

      I was somewhat surprised when I opened up the old blog a few weeks ago and found that there were a new posts. And I thought about how damn little I’ve been writing outside of the diary, and how grateful I am for Korrektiv, but … how little I have to say about much of anything.

      And then I thought about how many movies I saw last year. How many? One hundred and fifty-five. That’s a lot of moviegoing. Actually, with my subscription to Filmstruck, a lot of these I watch at home with my fellow film buffs. To be honest, I’ve always been a little ashamed of the number of movies I watch, as if I’d never been able to heed what seems to be one of the most obvious points of Percy’s first novel (not to mention Updike’s umpteenth, Beauty of the Lillies): it’s awfully easy to lose track of your life watching movies. I mean, if I could make a living at it, that’d be another story …

      It’s a little late for a New Year’s Resolution, but I’ve decided that in addition to just hoovering up all these movies, I’m going to try to write something about each one that I see. Maybe it won’t really be a review (it takes some generosity to call this paragraph on Cell Block 99 a review), but it’ll be something.


      I’m rallying, Korrektiv!

      • Broderick Barker says

        Excellent. Looking forward to it. Glad to have you back. I sympathize on feeling like you have little to say.

        p.s. The Wife looks back very very fondly on Guemes. As do I. That was a great gathering.

  3. Guemes! Hear, hear!

    I’m sorry you didn’t like this move, by the way, Quin – I was all prepared to like it very much indeed. I will still, if I have time, check it out.


    • Broderick Barker says

      I had a couple of people recommend it highly, though I have not yet seen it. Maybe Quin can schedule a private screening at the next Guemes…

    • Quin Finnegan says

      Oh, hey, I actually did like it. It’s just not a very good movie. And for the denizens of Korrektiv, I’d even say it’s essential viewing. I mean, it’s a prison movie! I just took a lot of shit for recommending Bone Tomahawk as much as I did, so I’m now tailoring my enthusiasm for grindhouse-type stuff accordingly.

      Guemes: I apologize for dropping the ball last summer. One of George’s kids got married up there last summer, my dad, all the rest of life …

      I hear alla y’all, and I think we can make it happen this summer. The timing may be a little trickier, as two of the family have moved back to the Northwest and are up there more often. Still, I’ve put the word in for July or August, and have heard that August is probably the stronger possibility (it’s not quite as simple as being the first to put dibs on a particular weekend, and as a stepchild … I’ll share more of the particulars when I understand them better myself). Mom and George no longer call the shots on who comes when, as that is now being handled by one of the next generation.

      Maybe we can put our heads together and pick the three best weekends for the Korrektiv as a whole. This isn’t official, but perhaps you can begin looking to your calendars and think about what works best for your families. I know there are kids going off to school and whatnot, so I think it’ll be hard to find something that’s ideal for everybody, but let’s do what we can.

      July 12 to 15
      July 19 to 22
      July 26 to 29
      Aug 2 to 5
      Aug 9 to 12
      Aug 16 to 19
      Aug 23 to 26

      • Broderick Barker says

        Good gravy, how generous-minded of you, sir! Life being what it is, Guemes may only ever be a one-time perfect moment, and that’s okay. There are other sites: the Duffer’s Indiana Lodge, the Bishop’s Texas spread, etc. But do let’s check calendars.

  4. Well I for one would love to go to Indiana or Wisconsin, and with a month’s notice can easily get the time I need. And Hren&Co. would stand a good chance of making it to Wisconsin. Well, better.

  5. Or Texas!

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