oriole audubon

For SW-D, on her birthday

What pleasant crudities this May extends
Beyond the riddled weeds of latent spring—
Its azure heaven plays it coy and lends
Its crush to underbrush. A lightning wing
Ignites the fire-crack of smoky buds—
Now rendered aureate as Christmas trees.
Each second’s inch of fluted branch eludes—
Detains—and spills with orange melodies.

The spring in flood resolves its snag in nests
Among the greening limbs. A throbbing tune
Converts dactylics into anapests.
Staccato notes that span the Yucatan
Now reach with gumbo-limbo limbs that soar
And dive with arils big as Baltimore.


  1. Wow. I have no idea to what I owe the honor, but thank you!
    It was a big one this year–I was trying to stay undercover. 🙂
    I need to catch you Korrektiv people up on things…life is good but the times, they are a-changing. Still get in to LAX at all? We could chat.

    • You’re very welcome!

      I think the orioles and your birthday coincided and because you’ve been a faithful “FOK” and i was thinking about that when I saw your Facebook announcement – and well just because.

      Yes, I’d love to at some point get together to talk! The question is when – SO BUSY!

      • Let me know if you can do a LAX lunch sometime this summer. I’m away now until July 6 and in mid August, but otherwise around. Or maybe we could bring a dish to the homestead if we planned it right. I get busy but I am trying to overcome that tendency.

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