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Meanwhile, somewhere between Umbert and Alphonse…



  1. It’s funny because it’s true. And then it’s just sad. Very, very sad.

    • In the AU of Korrektivorld, the strip’s author/artist would be one of the mainstay cartoonists of Hobokener Magazine (the AU permutation of New Yorker Magazine because in the Korrektiv AU, the birthplace of Frank Sinatra would become the new kapital of kosmopolitan kulture – if only because it’s another city with a K in it. Although, perhaps it would be Sauk City, Wisconsin too – which has a K and begins with an S. I mean, I’m just typin’…).


  2. Louise Orrock says

    i was thrown off another site, 8 years of my emails were taken so I don’t have some email addresses, and most of the food is inedible. They gas me very hard and then the pasta stinks of something like a wharf.

  3. Louise Orrock says

    It doesn’t smell when you eat it but when you’re cooking it, so tonight I couldn’t touch it. And it makes your shit stink too. Potatoes smell bad in a different kind of way. This happened later in the US when they got wise to me perhaps, but it’s generally more savage here, or at least in the area I live in.

  4. Louise Orrock says

    The car stalking began in 2012 but it’s only this year that they still respond at 2.27 am. They used to finish at 10 or so. It’s horrific, although I would yet describe it, as I was remembering today a friend said of her own situation, as my own personal holocaust. It’s an extraordinary thing to have put up with.

  5. Louise Orrock says

    Anyway, it was a great novel.

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